How To Import Contacts Into Yahoo Mail


Yahoo mail provides easy to use tools to enable you to import email contacts into Yahoo Mail, and also to export Yahoo mail contacts from your Yahoo account.

You can use these import/export tools to move  email contacts from one email system (e.g. Yahoo) to another (e.g.Gmail )  or to a spreadsheet like excel.

Importing Contacts Into Yahoo Mail

Yahoo mail provides two  import mechanisms for importing existing contacts from other email account e.g. Gmail into Yahoo Mail:

  • Direct Import via linked accounts for Gmail and Facebook
  • Import using a csv file – Preferred Option

Note: Importing contacts/addresses has no effect on the original contact list.

 Importing Contacts Using Direct Import

To import email contacts into Yahoo Mail  proceed as follows:

1.Sign in and go to Yahoo mail.

2 Go to the Yahoo! Contacts.

3. Click the “Actions” link on the and select Import
from the drop down menu.

Import-Yahoo contacts

Then Select Import contacts


Yahoo will import contacts directly from major services like Facebook, Gmail etc without you needing to create a .csv export file.

Select the service e.g Gmail


Click Import and you will be prompted to login to the service.

Enter your user name and password to login.

Google displays a message saying that Yahoo wants to connect, you need to accept to proceed with the import.


The contacts are imported and you are then directed back to the main import page.

This time you should notice the Google icon shows as importing, and is still connected to your Gmail acount,

You should now disconnect.


When you disconnect you can see the import button once again, and it shows the last time an import was done.


If you go back to the contacts you should see the new contacts that you have imported from Gmail.

In my case I had 4 contacts before and 37 after the import.


Yahoo stores the Imported contacts in a separate contacts folder,

if you click on the folder it shows the contacts that have been imported, and the date of the last import.


Importing Contacts Using  .csv Files

This is the most common method and the preferred method of moving email contacts between systems and It is supported on all email clients.

In contacts click Import contacts and select the file upload option and click import.


A screen appears with a browse button that you use to locate the .csv file that you want to import.


Select import to start the import. The contacts are placed in the main contacts folder.

Common Questions

  1.  I get errors when importing a contact list that I exported . – You may need to edit the csv file to match what Yahoo expects. See this Article on how to create a csv file may help.
  2. How can I find out what header fields  Yahoo uses? Do an export from Yahoo and look at the csv file. Use this header for the import header.


Yahoo mail provides built in importer and exporter tools to help you transfer email contacts between email clients and providers.