Using Yahoo Mail-Beginners Guide

Yahoo-emailYahoo offers free and paid email services.

The free email services are suitable for personal use, but for business use it is better to use the business mail services.

The free email service is advertiser supported but you can upgrade to the Mail Plus service for around $12/year to remove the ads.

You can also remove ads in the right side bar if you use Yahoo as your default search engine.

In addition, if you use Yahoo mail with an email client  like Windows Live Mail then you don’t have the ads.

Yahoo Mail -Main Mail Features

  • Access other mailboxes.
  • Access Via POP3,IMAP4, Webmail and Mobile Apps.
  • Email forwarding to another Email Address.
  • Additional Email Addresses.
  • Disposable Email Addresses.
  • Email Filtering.
  • Out of Office Notifications.

You can access Yahoo mail using a:

  • Web client e.g. Firefox browser
  • Desktop email client e.g Windows LIve Mail
  • An App on a smart phone or tablet.

Getting a Yahoo Email Account

To use Yahoo email you will first need a Yahoo account.

A Yahoo account gives you access to Yahoo mail and other Yahoo services (Yahoo Answers,Flickr etc) . see Creating a New Yahoo Email Account

If your current Yahoo email address is no longer suitable, and you would you would like to replace it, there are several ways of doing it. See –Changing Your Yahoo Email Address

Accessing Yahoo Mail

Although Yahoo mail is normally accessed via a web browser it
can also be accessed from mobile devices, and traditional desktop clients like Windows Live mail, Outlook etc. (using both POP3 and IMAP4 access protocols).

Yahoo Mail Login

To login to Yahoo mail you need to enter the web address of Yahoo mail ( into your browser.

Tip! – You can also use a desktop shortcut, a bookmark, My Yahoo or the Yahoo Toolbar for quicker access.

If you forget your password Yahoo have made it easy to reset it. See Resetting Your Yahoo Password .

Yahoo like most email providers will allow you to access your email using all of the above client types.

Desktop Notifications

When  using the web browser client you may be prompted to enable desktop notifications.


If you do then provided your web browser is open you will receive a notification when new email arrives.

You can enable/disable this under settings>Viewing emails.

Less Secure client Access Warning

When logging on you may also get a less secure client access nag screen. This is usually because you access Yahoo using a Desktop client like Windows Live Mail


If you are using a  desktop client like windows live mail or a non Yahoo App on a smart phone then don’t turn off access.

If you have turned off access then you need to go to your Yahoo Account settings to enable it.

Using Yahoo Mail with Desktop Email Clients

You can also access your Mail using desktop based email clients like Windows Live Mail using the  POP3 or IMAP4 protocols.

This requires that you setup the email client but once setup email access is much easier and faster.

In addition you don’t have ads displayed like you do when using the web browser.

This is the preferred access method when you accessing from a fixed home/office location.

See Access Yahoo Email Using Windows Live Mail

Using Yahoo Mail with Email Apps on Smart Phones or Tablets

Yahoo also provides an email App for Android and IOS phones and tablets.

In addition you can use a general email Apps (not the Yahoo Mail App).

Because most people want email access 24/7 and from any location this access method is becoming the most popular replacing web browser access.

The current trend seems to be Desktop Email client when at home /Office and email App when on the move

See Yahoo Mobile email for more details.

Important Note: Provided email access is setup correctly and access is via IMAP4 or HTTP then you can access your Yahoo email from multiple email clients at multiple locations and even at the same time.

Ads in Email

Yahoo supports their email service by selling ads.

[outline style=”yellow”]Ads are displayed in the web browser client and Yahoo Email App client. [/outline]

I find the Yahoo ads in the web browser client more intrusive than those on Google Gmail, and

You an subscribe to Yahoo mail and remove the ads. (yahoo ad free mail). It costs around $50 a year.

It also has the advantage that the account doesn’t expire if you don’t use it. Provided you continue paying for it.

Accessing Multiple Email Accounts

You can use your yahoo email account to access mailboxes of your other email accounts, and consolidate the email from multiple accounts into your Yahoo mailbox.

However Yahoo have restricted it’s usage and you can now only access email accounts on the following providers:

  • Gmail
  • Yahoo Mail
  • AOL

Getting Organised

It is surprising how much email you accumulate and if you don want to send lots of time searching for important emails or forgetting to reply to emails then it is essential that you  get organised. See How to Organise Email in Yahoo Mail

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