Why Is My Name Red In Among Us?

Wonder why your name is red in Among Us? Don’t panic — we’ll tell you exactly what you need to do when your name is red in-game, and what you can do to maximize it!


Your name in Among Us is red because you have been selected as the Impostor. Your job as an Impostor in Among Us is to sabotage the map and kill Crewmates.

Why Your Name is Red in Among Us

Only Impostors have red names in Among Us. This is for Impostors to tell themselves apart from Crewmates. Innocent Crewmates do not see Impostors’ name in red. When you see your name in red, don’t tell anyone else, or they’ll vote you out on the first opportunity!

Being Impostor in Among Us is possibly the most challenging role in the game. It requires skill, finesse, and strategy to survive and win as Impostor.

Read on to know what to do when your name is red in Among Us.

What to Do When Your Name is Among Us

So your name is red in Among Us? Excellent. Don’t panic, and don’t tell anyone, because it’s time to have the most fun you can ever have in Among Us.

To play an Impostor in Among Us, you have to be smart, methodical, and tricky. But first, you have to learn the basics!

How to Play Impostor in Among Us

When you’re an Impostor, your goal is to finish off the Crewmates before they finish their tasks. You can track the Crewmates’ progress by watching the green bar on the top left of the screen.

As Impostor, you have access to two special functions: Kill and Sabotage.

Kill lets you, well, kill crewmates. This disables the Crewmate and turns them into ghosts, which are Crewmates but less alive.

Using the Kill commands reduces the Crewmate to half their original size, taking away their ability to vote. They can still work to finish the tasks, though they won’t be able to use the chat or vote with the rest of the Crewmates.

The Kill command also teleports you right on top of the Crewmates! You may also choose to Report the body as soon as you find it, for a 200 IQ blame game.

Be careful to mind your Kill Cooldown, which is set in the game settings. While you’re in Cooldown, you can’t use the Kill command until it refreshes!

Sabotage, on the other hand, lets you put the Crewmates in a state of disarray. You can choose to sabotage the following to get Crewmates to scatter and head off to deal with the emergency:

  • Reactor: Initiates a meltdown timer that requires two Crewmates to fix. When the timer runs out, Crewmates lose.
  • Electrical: Cuts all the lights across the map, limiting Crewmate vision. Requires one Crewmate to fix.
  • Communications: Disables Emergency Meeting button and Report Button, as well as hides the Task List. Requires one Crewmate to fix.
  • O2: Disables the oxygen in the ship, starting a timer. If the timer runs out, the Crewmates lose. Requires two Crewmates in Admin and O2 rooms to fix.
  • Doors in Upper Engine, Lower Engine, Security, MedBay, Electrical, Storage, and Cafeteria can all be closed for a few seconds, trapping anyone in these rooms until the doors open up again.

Keep in mind that these rooms are only for The Skeld, the first map in Among Us. Maps like Mira HQ and Polus have their own rooms and will be covered in a later article!

Finally, as Impostor, you get to utilize vents to move around the map.

Vents are connected to other rooms across the map, letting which are useful for making a quick getaway! Use these to get out of sight quickly, but be careful – if any Crewmates can see the vent, they’ll see you pop right out of it!

Tips on How to Play Impostor in Among Us

Being the Impostor is hard work, and it’s even harder when you’re new! To help you out, here are some tips to help you play better as Impostor in Among Us.

  • Be careful around “popular” kill rooms
    • Rooms like Electrical and Security in The Skeld are often used by impostors for sneaky hits. Many players have grown cautious around this room and never go into it without backup.
  • Remember your Kill Cooldown
    • Impostors have a Kill Cooldown after every kill. Be mindful when it’s up, because someone might just be behind the corner and you won’t have time to deal with them!
  • Always sabotage
    • You’re allowed to use the Sabotage command from anywhere in the map. Keep sabotaging the objectives to keep people confused and busy, letting you sneak in when they least suspect it.
  • Be present for emergencies
    • While it might seem counterintuitive, you should always be present for emergencies. Not being in the room to “fix” the problem like everyone else can cast suspicion on you!

Wrap Up

Let’s recap what you should do when your name is red in Among Us:

  • When your name is Red, it means you’re the Impostor
  • Use your abilities to take out all Crewmates for a victory.
  • Utilize the vents and features of the map to your advantage.
  • Don’t get caught!

Good luck on your game, and hope you get that sweet Impostor victory screen!