Where To Find Discord Server

If you’re already part of a guild, clan or other organized group, it’s easy to join Discord and find your friends. What if you’re on Discord and want to find new friends? There are thousands of servers on the platform ready and waiting for you to contribute, but how do you find them? This tutorial will show you how to find Discord servers and join them.

Discord is an awesome place to spend time. Whether you’re a gamer or have other interests with a presence on the platform, few other apps enable you to share with so many people in so many places. All with a single goal in mind. To chat, share ideas and grow as people.

If you’re new to Discord or have seen it advertised and want to use it, how do you find those like-minded individuals to chat to? You find a server built around mutual interests and go from there.

Where to find Discord servers you’re interested in

One of the neat things about discord is that it brings the world together. Whether that’s a gaming clan, LARPers or general interest groups, there is usually a server or channel here for almost every interest you could think of and some you couldn’t. Finding them isn’t difficult either. You can use the server discovery tool within Discord or other methods to find what you’re looking for.

Find a server within Discord:

  1. Log into Discord and select the magnifying glass from the left menu.
  2. Browse the popular server list in the center pane or use the search function at the top to find servers you’re interested in.
  3. Select View on a server and select Join Server in the center if you like the look of it.
  4. Rinse and repeat for all your interests.

Discord displays the most popular servers on the main page and you can scroll through them to select a server to join. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, enter a search term in the filter box and hit search. Anything that mentioned the search term should appear. Select a server to inspect and select Join if you like. Select to go back to the list if you don’t like.

Third party services to find Discord servers

There are a couple of websites that link to Discord servers you might like to try. You may have to provide your Discord login to the website or you could trawl the site to find servers and use the title to search within Discord, it’s up to you.

Discord.me is an excellent source of servers for all kinds of interests. It is actually easier to use than Discord itself and has a simple categories menu at the top so you can quickly find your niche. You can login via the website or just find a server name to use in Discord itself.

Disboard is another excellent resource for finding Discord servers. It too has simple navigation to find the server you’re looking for. You can login via the website or just find a server name to use in Discord itself the same as Discord.me.

Reddit will usually have dozens of Discord servers mentioned in chat somewhere. Whether it’s games, politics, special interests or whatever, there will be a Reddit for it and likely more than a few suggestions for Discord servers you can join to discuss things further.

Friend’s suggestions is the final way to find Discord servers. If your favorite game has one or your clan or guild, it will likely be mentioned somewhere. Your friends may be able to send an invite if it’s not an open server or you should just be able to join if it is open.

You found a Discord server, what now?

When you find a Discord server you want to join, select Join Server and read what’s been going on. Most open servers will have a 10 minute moratorium on being able to speak to keep spammers out but this gives you time to look around, check out the rooms, read the rules and see what others are chatting about and get a feel for the server.

Once the ten minutes are up, you should be able to contribute as normal. You will perhaps only have read and write access and not be able to upload but that will come with time.