What Does The Heart Mean In Zoosk?

Are you new to Zoosk? Trying to get to grips with how it all works? Saw a heart on your dating profile and want to know what it means? If so, this tutorial is for you. I’ll cover the basics of using Zoosk, what that heart means, what a smile means and how to use them for best effect.

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Zoosk is a very popular dating platform. It says it has over 40 million users across the world and over 3 million messages are sent between them each day. That’s quite a pool of potential matches so if you’re in the market for love, Zoosk could be a good way to find it. It’s no Tinder but it does offer another way to meet the potential love of your life.

Like most dating platforms, Zoosk has its own special way of working. It uses the same basic premise, create an attractive profile, use some amazing images and scroll or search for potential matches in your geographical area. It also gives you a little more space than Tinder to express yourself or add a little color to your profile.

What does the heart icon mean in Zoosk?

Zoosk has a feature called the Carousel. It works the same as Tinder or Bumble in that it’s a stack of profile cards you scroll through. You then select Yes, No or Maybe from each to tell the app whether you would like to be matched with them or not, or just maybe. When both you and the person you said yes to match, they will appear in your Connections section.

You can also find matches by using search. Either way, when you find someone you like, you can view their profile card and reach out to them with a heart, smile or message.

If you want to show extra appreciation to that match, you can send them a ‘like’ which will appear as a heart icon in the app. This works a bit like Super Likes in that it’s a little extra emphasis or an icebreaker of sorts for shy people.

What does the smile icon mean in Zoosk?

There is also a smile icon that is often used in Zoosk. You can find that next to the heart. This is another icebreaker similar to the heart and is just a ‘smile’. It’s less emphatic than a heart but works in much the same way. To show someone you like them but obviously not enough to warrant a heart.

When to use the heart or smile in Zoosk

When you see either the smile or the heart, you also have the option to send a message or a virtual gift. Lots of Zoosk users will send just the heart or smile and not say anything but this isn’t the best way to approach it. This can come across as a little lazy, a bit like sending an opening message with just ‘Hi’ in it. If you want to use the icons, add a message too.

To be successful on Zoosk, you have to do a lot of work. If you find someone you like on the platform and want to reach out, just sending a heart or the smile isn’t enough. As mentioned, it looks a little lazy and if the match is hot, they will likely see dozens of hearts and ignore the majority of them.

Adding a message along with your heart or smile will help you stand out from the crowd. I know a couple of Zoosk users who have been on the platform a little while. One of them had this to say about those who just send a heart;

“If someone can’t be bothered to add a little message or say something interesting along with the heart, I don’t even bother. Sending a heart takes minimum effort but a message takes a little thought. If I’m not even worth a little thought on a dating app, I don’t want to know about them, period.”

I have seen that attitude reflected elsewhere too. Even if you compose a stock message and save it somewhere and paste it into every contact you make on Zoosk, it will still be better than nothing.

If you are genuinely time poor, you can still game the system a little. When you get time, compose a dozen or so short messages that show interest, intelligence and perhaps wit if you can. Save them somewhere on your phone, as an email draft or as a note and use them whenever you come across someone you want to make an impression on. A quick copy and paste later and you have reached out to someone and shown you’re not the usual ‘Hi, how are you’ kind of dater. Well worth the effort I think!