What Does The Crown Mean In Crunchyroll

What is the meaning of the little crowns that you see near the avatar and username? What does a green crown mean? How about the ones beside some anime episodes? These are some of the numerous questions that new Crunchyroll users are asking.


If you’re a long time fan of anime, there is a high chance that you know about Crunchyroll. It is one of the best and most popular anime streaming services out there.

What Can I Watch on Crunchyroll?

Aside from anime, the platform has drama shows, manga, apparel, and games. The site also publishes relevant news and articles about anime.

Note: The shows that you can access on Crunchyroll depends on your region.

The platform also has its original productions like the Tower of God and The God of High School. They have plans to release more titles such as So I’m a Spider, So What?, and Noblesse.

The best thing that I like about the streaming service is how fast they upload the latest shows. You can stream new episodes an hour after its showing in Japan as long because you’re a premium member.

What Does the Little Gold Crowns Mean?

As you browse to the latest anime, you’ll notice gold crowns beside some of the latest episodes. I’m positive that a lot of new users wonder what these little icons mean.

Golden crowns on episodes indicate that they are for premium users only. Shows with these symbols are usually new and are unavailable for free users for a week.

If you can’t wait to watch new episodes of the latest anime out there, you can opt to avail of a premium subscription that unlocks the entire library of Crunchyroll.

Is the Premium Subscription Worth It?

The streaming service offers three subscription offers that give users access to every anime and show, even the latest ones. These premium plans differ in the monthly payment and bonus features.

Note: Users from different regions or countries get various premium deals and bonuses.

If you’re using Crunchyroll solely for watching the latest anime, the Fan premium deal is the best for you. While the Mega Fan and Ultimate Fan have a lot of bonuses, you need to spend a little bit more money to get one of those.

Also, check the available shows in your area. You do not want to pay for a subscription, only to find out that you can’t watch some of your favorite anime on the platform.

Although you can use VPNs to bypass the geo-blocks, there is no guarantee that it will work in the future as there might be a time where websites can detect the use of these tools.

What Does The Crown Beside Avatars Mean?

If you like to read comments or join forum discussions, I’m sure that you see little symbols near other member’s names and avatars. Whether its a crown, star, or circle, they all have different meanings.

A crown means that the person is a premium user. While a star usually signifies a basic user, premium members can also use it as an icon. Anyone can customize their member icons and choose what color to use.

Circles tell you the availability of the user. A green one tells you that the person is online, while gray usually means offline. Last, lightning means that the user is in a temporary premium subscription.

To Sum It All Up

Crowns can mean two different things on Crunchyroll. Such icons on episodes tell you that its for premium members only. Crowns near usernames and avatars signify that the member has a paid subscription.

We hope that by now, you completely understand the meaning of different symbols and icons on the platform. For more guides and tips about Crunchyroll, bookmark the website, and subscribe to our newsletter.