What Does Pog Mean In Twitch?

New to Twitch? Seeing all kinds of references but don’t know what they mean? Don’t want to ask in chat in case someone trolls you or make you look stupid? Want to know that Pog means in Twitch? If so, this page is for you. Twitch is full of memes and phrases that aren’t exactly clear to the newcomer. This tutorial is going to translate the most popular phrases so you don’t have to ask in chat.


Like many social groups who spend a lot of time together, Twitch has evolved its own phrases. This is a sociological thing that evolves naturally but can also be used to exclude people. The vast majority of Twitch users aren’t like that and use these phrases naturally as they are used often on the platform. That doesn’t help you if you don’t know what they are saying though!

This tutorial will help you.

Twitch emotes

Many of these phrases are Twitch emotes and are used more on some channels than others. There are actually hundreds of these emotes but only a dozen or so of them are used with any regularity. Fewer still will appear frequently within a server. It is the more common ones I’ll translate here.

Pog or PogChamp

Pog or PogChamp is one of the oldest emotes around. It is used to express genuine surprise or excitement. The emote is Gootecks, a professional Street Fighter player who was caught in that very attractive pose when he expressed surprise during a livestream many, many years ago. For some reason, this emote stuck and is still used frequently on Twitch today.


Kappa is another popular Twitch emote that means roll your eyes or clap sarcastically. Again, it comes from a real person. This time, Josh DeSeno who worked at Justin.TV which was where Twitch originally came from. Somehow, his likeness became linked to sarcasm and is no ubiquitous across many social platforms and isn’t unique to Twitch.


BabyRage is a very pixelated image of a crying baby and is used to express displeasure. This isn’t a reaction to someone throwing a tantrum but is the equivalent of you throwing one in reaction to something going on within Twitch. It’s a very popular emote but has the poorest image. Apparently it comes from a DOTA2 player called Arteezy who gets very emotional over games.


TriHard is another popular Twitch emote. This one is used to express hype or excitement. It isn’t universally popular though as it also has obvious racial meaning. Know your audience before using it as it could get you in trouble. The likeness is of another streamer, TriHex who admitted to doing everything he could to get the attention of Twitch staff during a speed run of Yoshi’s Island. Hence, TriHard.


While we’re dealing with controversial memes, let us cover Cmonbruh. Largely self-explanatory in meaning, it is also used racial due to the image. It’s a shame as the meme is one of the better ones and is used to convey something absurd. As you already know, absurdities are commonplace online which is why Cmonbruh is so popular!


4head is another initially baffling meme you will see a lot on Twitch. It is used to express either a genuine or sarcastic reaction to a joke or one liner. As far as I know, nobody has a problem with 4head so feel free to use it as and when you please. The originator is League of Legends’ streamer Cadburry who was immortalized with the big grin. How it turned into a meme I do now know but here we are.



LUL should not be confusing. It’s a take on LOL and uses the image of YouTuber TotalBiscuit. He was caught laughing like this in front of a camera and set it to LUL himself. You won’t find this natively on Twitch due to some annoying legal stuff but you will find it elsewhere on the internet. As you likely have already figured, you would use this emote for deep laughter…


Despite the name, BrokeBack has nothing to do with the movie. Instead, it’s an expression of someone having done something very, very dumb. The image is of Alan from the SeriousGaming Twitch channel who was immortalized in this pic of him with eyes crossed and tongue out. It is mainly used in reference to DOTA2 but is sometimes used for other games too.

Those are some of the most popular Twitch emotes in use right now. Do you have any others to suggest or share? Tell us about them below if you do!