What Does Blocking Someone Do in Discord?

It is straightforward. Just assume that Discord is like Instagram, and it provides its users with a block feature. If you found someone harassing or annoying you, you can just block them. By doing this, you are preventing them from chatting or contacting you. They can’t even see your activities. That is what blocking does in Discord.

The Internet lets one person get in touch with billions of people across the world. But there is one downside in this. That is, you will find some people are jerks. Those who are playing games with an open chat they know how annoying some people can be. There can be some people who can create problems in the group.

Whether someone is sending an abusive message and is annoying you, one a voice server it may get very old. However, if you are on Discord and use this for chatting, there is are some features, through which you can effectively deal with people who are creating problems and who are annoying. Discord comes with options like a ban, block, deafen, kick or mute.

When you block or kick someone on Discord

  • That person will not be able to send messages through the platform.
  • They will be permanently removed from your friend list. However, in the future, you can add them back.
  • The messages they are sending in the mutual servers will not be displayed on your chatbox. However, if you want to check the message they have sent, you can use the button with the number of blocked messages.

Block, Kick, Mute, Ban, Deafen on Discord

  1. When you block a user on Discard, you can prevent users from communicating via direct messages. But your messages will be still visible to them. Besides, they can see your current status, i.e., online or offline.
  2. Talking about muting, it is quite similar to blocking. This feature is only of the Discord voice channel. The muted users won’t be able to speak in that particular channel but can hear what you are saying.
  3. Deafen feature also works on the Discord voice channel. It also prevents deafen users from listening to what other members are saying on that channel.
  4. Coming to the kicking feature, it means booted off someone from the channel. However, if re-invited, the user can re-join the channel.

If you are the administrator of the sever, then it’s up to you choose whether to mute, kick, block, deafen or ban someone from the channel.

Process of blocking a user in Discord

Want to block someone from your channel in Discord? Here is the process for you:

  • Step-1

Open the Discord Direct Message app.

  • Step-2

Now choose the user’s profile that you want to block.

  • Step-3

Now, you will see the three-dot menu icon located on the right corner of the user’s profile. Click on it.

  • Step-4

Then simply click on Block.

Through PC

  • Step-1

Click on Discord app to launch the program.

  • Step-2

Now, choose the server of your messaging channel.

  • Step-3

Then choose the chat channel located under the voice channel tab.

  • Step-4

Now, click on the user’s name you want to block.

  • Step-5

Click on Block. You will get a confirmation message.

  • Step-6

Click on Block to confirm.

There is something that you should keep in your mind. Even though you have blocked the person, that person can see your messages. Besides, your status will be visible to that person. They can’t send any messages or contact you on Discord. If you know, you will find it a quite effective method to eliminate unwanted noise from your communication channel.

How to mute a user in Discord?

The process is quite easy. Muting will make the users unable to talk through your Discord voice channel. To mute someone:

  • Locate the user’s profile that you want to mute.
  • Then right-click on the profile. That will bring context menu.
  • There you need to choose the Mute option. That’s it. You won’t find the person annoying you anymore.
Kicking someone from the channel in Discord

If you think muting or blocking is not enough, you can go for the Kick option. Just follow the steps to kick that person.

  • Locate the profile of the users in the list whom you want to Kick from the channel.
  • Now right click on the user profile and choose Kick from the context menu.
  • You may put your reason why you are kicking that person. So that the person can know why he/she got kicked out from the channel. If you want, you can leave it blank. This is very easy.

With these features, you can now keep your Discord channel running smoothly.