What Does Awaiting Endpoint Mean In Discord

If you have used Discord for any length of time, you will likely have come across ‘awaiting endpoint’ errors. They occur rarely but when they do, they are a showstopping error that prevents you from logging in and doing anything within Discord. This tutorial will show you what awaiting endpoint means in Discord and how to work around the error.


Discord is an awesome voice and text chat application originally designed for gamers. Once established, it quickly took off and other interest groups adopted it too. If you visit Disbord, you will see Discord servers that cover all kinds of interests from every walk of life. This variety is one of the many reasons Discord did so well, so quickly. It is about much more than just games now and long may that continue.

First I’ll show you how to fix the ‘awaiting endpoint’ error if you see it in Discord and then provide some background on how these errors usually occur.

Fix awaiting endpoint in Discord

The fix actually comes from Discord themselves. Having experienced this myself a while ago, the workaround was published by Discord so they could fix whatever issue they were having and we could still access the service.

Do this on a desktop:

  1. Log into Discord as you normally would.
  2. Select the small down arrow to the right of the server you want to join.
  3. Select Server Settings and Overview.
  4. Select Change next to Server Region.
  5. Change it to something else.

Do this on a mobile:

  1. Select Server and tap for the three dots icon.
  2. Select the gear icon to access settings.
  3. Choose Overview.
  4. Select the Server Region and change region it to something else.
  5. Tap Save.

Changes are dynamic so you don’t have to save. Once changed, you should be able to access servers as normal and Discord should work fine. As there is network latency to contend with, it is advisable to choose an alternative region closest to you. This will minimize any lag you get when voice chatting.

Awaiting endpoint

An endpoint is any device that can send or receive messages to a device. Typically, there are two endpoints, one inside a network and one outside the network. Both can send and receive messages to each other to provide a web service. In this example, Discord is the network providing the service and your computer is a device accessing the service.

The Discord endpoint could be any number of network devices depending on how that network is set up. It could be a load balancer that helps spread the network load across servers. A router that routes network traffic within Discord to a server or a security appliance that filters traffic before sending it to a server within the Discord network. Without knowing the Discord architecture, it is impossible to know for sure but it is very likely to be one of those.

In the server-client model which most web services use, when you see an error such as ‘awaiting endpoint’ it means the network device you would usually connect to in order to be routed to a Discord service is not available. This could be down to too much traffic, hardware failure, misconfiguration or something else.

Typical scenarios that can impact endpoints include:

  • Power failure at the data center.
  • Network or internet backbone failure serving the data center.
  • Misconfiguration with router tables or firewalls within the data center.
  • Hardware failure within the center, server, router, firewall, network appliance, load balancer or something else.
  • DDoS attack or other hack.
  • Something else.

Whatever the issue is, it is predominantly a provider issue and not a client issue. That means it’s Discord’s problem and not yours. That doesn’t always help but it means you don’t usually have to do any troubleshooting on your own computer while the situation is ongoing.

How to know whether it is Discord or you at fault?

In this case, we know it’s Discord having issues and not anything to do with your computer. If you see other errors, how can you tell whether it’s the service or your computer? There are some simple things to check.

  • Try another program – If only Discord provides the error, it’s a Discord issue. If other programs error, it’s a computer or network issue.
  • Try another device – Try the Discord phone app or access it on another computer if you have one.
  • Reboot your computer – A reboot fixes 98% of all issues.
  • Reboot your router and/or modem – You rebooted your computer, you may as well reboot your network.
  • Check Twitter or Reddit – If it’s a system issue, you’re not going to be the only one affected.
  • Check the Discord forums – The same as Twitter and Reddit.

Those simple checks can tell you everything you need to know about a Discord issue. The forums or Reddit may even tell you what you can do about it. Isn’t the internet amazing?