What Channels Are Free On The Firestick

You finally decided to get the Firestick for yourself. Now the Fire TV is ready to go. That’s awesome! But, now that you have it, you need to know how to make the most of it. The best way to do it is to enjoy the free content. 


Now, on the Fire TV, there is so much free content, you might feel overwhelmed. There is no need to pay a ton of different subscription services. Instead, you can use all the free ones you can have. That’s why we made this list for you. 

We will share out top-picks for best free channels you can watch on your Firestick. Let’s get right to it! 

  1. NASA TV

Are you into space stuff? Do you want to watch some brilliant videos of the latest news and interviews with astronauts? Then, the NASA TV channel is the right one for you. Now, this might sound strange, but NASA TV is indeed free. You get to watch it as much as you like. It is amazing with plenty of different content for everyone to enjoy. 


  1. TED

This is a popular channel. Here you can enjoy TED talks which are gatherings where people share their ideas and more. It is a creative channel you’ve probably heard of. The best thing about it is that’s free. 


Kids love this channel. It’s all about fun and great content. Now, to play this channel, you will have to log in to both PBS and PBS Kids. But, don’t let that discourage you. The app is still free to use despite the necessary log-in process. 

  1. YouTube

Now, this is the most obvious channel and something you will use every day. The good thing is, this app was recently made available on the Firestick. It is a convenient app to use. You can play your favorite music, watch videos, and more for free. 

  1. Rakuten Viki

 This is a popular channel. If you haven’t heard of it we will tell you more. It is an Asian TV that translates subtitles for fans around the globe. This app is available for the Fire TV. It is convenient and fun. The content is unique. There is so much you can watch here, you can never get bored. If you love Korean drama, comedies, or movies focused on Asian culture, history, or fashion, this is something you should try out. 


As you can see, there are plenty of free channels you can use on the Firestick. You can search for all of them on Google. Since there are way too many apps on the market, we have decided to narrow down the search for you. 

That’s why we have picked a few of them that stood out from the rest. If you love watching some great content, you should definitely give some of these channels a try. They are incredibly easy to download. Do you have another channel you would like to mention? Do you have other channels you prefer? Let us know if you found this list helpful in the comments below.