How To Watch YouTube On The FireStick

The Amazon Fire TV Stick or FireStick is a device that looks like a USB and has recently joined the ranks of home entertainment streaming technologies. You can plug it into the HDMI port of your home television and start watching your favorite content like movies, TV shows, subscribed channels, music, games and more. The FireStick has access to almost everything that you want to watch and is easily transportable. Just plug it into any compatible TV to gain instant access.


In 2018, Google removed YouTube FireStick app from the Amazon Store due to a competitive relationship between the two digital giants. However, after almost 18 months, they have now come to an agreement and it’s once again possible to watch the YouTube videos on FireStick. It’s an undeniable fact that YouTube has become a great media portal and every user would be happy to see it back on FireStick again.

Although Kodi Addons makes it possible for you to simply jailbreak the FireStick and watch unlimited free content, YouTube still remains a must-have app for FireStick. In this guide you will find out how to install and watch YouTube on FireStick.

How to Install YouTube on FireStick

As aforementioned, YouTube app is now available on the Amazon Store and can be directly downloaded. There are a few steps need to be followed.

Step 1. Power up your FireStick and a home screen window will start loading up. You will find a search icon (a lens shape icon) in the top left corner of the home screen. Click on it.

Step 2. In the search option, type the name of the YouTube app and select it.

Step 3. A list of different apps will now appear on the screen as show below. Select YouTube app from them.

Step 4. Select ‘Get’ and the app will start downloading.

Step 5. Now, wait until the download is finished.

Step 6. Now, select ‘Open’ to launch the YouTube. It will be available in ‘Your Apps & Channels’ if you want to run it later.

After successful installation of the app, now you have to sign in to get started. You can skip this step and start watching the content as it’s completely optional. However, creating an account and signing in would enable you to access the restricted content and let you see your subscribed channels, history and playlists that are already associated with your Google account.

How to Watch YouTube through Browser on FireStick

You also have the option to access YouTube via Silk browser if you don’t want to install the app. Follow these simple instructions below and start watching your favorite videos now.

Step 1. Go to the home screen and hover over the search icon that can be seen on the top left corner of the screen. Type the name ‘Silk’ and select it from the suggestions appearing below by pressing the ‘select’ button on the remote.

Step 2. From the list of available apps, select the ‘Silk Browser’ icon and click ‘Download’.

Step 3. Select ‘Open’ to launch the app once the download is complete.

Step 4. Now you will be able to access the interface of the Silk browser. In the search option, appearing on top of the interface, type ‘YouTube’ and it will lead you directly to the YouTube page, where you can start streaming.


When Google removed the FireStick app, it was the end users who had to face the ultimate loss and they were certainly disappointed. They had to rely on downloading the APK files to access the YouTube.

However, these restrictions have been lifted now and the users would be happy with the Google’s decision as now it has again made possible for them to easily access YouTube – an amazing entertainment platform for many of us.