Can You View Profiles On Zoosk Without Subscribing?

Zoosk is a decent app that takes dating international. You can still filter for those who live near you but you can also widen the field or change region if you’re traveling or working elsewhere. With a fairly equal ratio of men and women, it could be a good option for those looking for a relationship. But can you view profiles on Zoosk without subscribing or do you need to pay?

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Zoosk has been around for years and says it has over 40 million users and 3 million messages sent every day. That’s quite a claim but given that it has a presence in over 80 countries, it isn’t so difficult to imagine. That means your pool of potentials is huge. Larger than most other dating apps that’s for sure!

View profiles on Zoosk without subscribing

Zoosk does have subscriptions that offer full access to the platform and some neat features to help you find a relationship. There is also a free membership tier with more limited access.

Free members can create a profile, view other members, see potential matches and wander around the app. So to answer the question, yes you can view profiles on Zoosk without subscribing. But, as soon as you want to connect or message other users, you’re going to have to pay.

You can buy Zoosk coins or subscribe to a different membership tier. Zoosk coins allow you to boost your profile, buy gifts for other people and unlock Carousel matches. These are like a profile highlighter where you have to choose there and then whether to connect. Coins do not allow you to message anyone, you will need a subscription for that.

Zoosk coins cost $4.99 for 50, $19.99 for 250 and $49.99 for 750.

Subscription plans open up the full potential of Zoosk and while free accounts are available, everything about the platform is geared towards subscribers. This is no different from any dating app in that regard.

Pricing is similar too. A 1 month subscription costs $29.95 while 3 months takes that down to $19.99 per month and 6 months down further to $12.49 a month. A 12 month subscription costs $99.95. You don’t get Zoosk coins with that but you have full access to the site, the ability to message and interact and chat as you like.

There is also talk about a reactivation fee. Zoosk apparently used to charge a one-off $24.95 activation fee for all new members. This didn’t go down so well so was removed. There is apparently a reactivation fee for anyone who cancels their premium membership but want to rejoin and is said to be $24.95.

How does Zoosk pricing compare to other dating apps?

Zoosk, while expensive, is cheaper than many other dating apps. The big name everyone wants to compete with is It has a similar reach and combined website and app approach. While does more for members, it is also more expensive.

A 1 month subscription costs $40.99 per month, 3 months costs $25.99, 6 months $22.99 and 12 months, $19.99 per month. You do get more features but you pay significantly more for it too.

Like most other apps, Zoosk uses recurring billing so it’s up to you to manually cancel if you find love or want to take a break. There are also no refunds and you’re pretty much on your own in terms of customer support. There is a very useful help center that answers most questions but actual support is limited.

Things to watch out for with Zoosk

Overall, Zoosk seems very good at what it does but there are two big downsides I found during my time there. One was the amount of times Zoosk would email me with promotions and nags to subscribe and the second was the disingenuous messages it sent to me while I was a free user.

Zoosk sends you a lot of email unless you turn off the option. I received around 5 per day. Some from Zoosk themselves telling me someone looked at my profile or wanted to chat and some from partners who Zoosk thought I would be interested in. I have heard of other users receiving up to 20 of these emails per day. Fortunately you can turn them off so I would suggest doing just that.

More annoying is the messages you get sent as a free member. It will read something like ‘Someone has sent you a message on Zoosk’. You will then need to subscribe to read the message. This is classic marketing using FOMO to make you subscribe. Yet when you do subscribe you will likely find it’s an automated message with some banal message regarding the app.

Other dating apps do similar things, Plenty of Fish is another. It is deceptive and designed purely into making you subscribe for fear of missing a potential date.

You can view profiles on Zoosk without subscribing but that’s only half of what it offers. The entire platform is build about subscription and you will be constantly ‘encouraged’ to subscribe. This isn’t unusual for dating apps but does become annoying after a while!