Using The Yahoo Mobile Mail App On Android

When you open your Yahoo mail App the App will open with your inbox displayed.

To view your folders click on the menu icon menu-icon-yahoo (top left) or you can press and drag from the left side of the screen to open in  split view,with folders on the left and contents on the right.


To access the Mail settings scroll down the left pane to the bottom and locate the Mail Settings link


If you click on mail settings the settings screen opens.


The default settings are usually OK and probably don’t need changing.

If you want to use signatures on email sent from your Yahoo App then you need to click on signature settings and then edit signature.

By default  the sent from Yahoo Mail on Android signature is enabled.


If you need to go back to a previous screen look in the top left corner for a left facing arrow.


Changing Colours- Themes

If you don’t like the colours then click on themes (just above mail settings to change the colours.


Common Questions and Answers

Q- Where is the email stored?

A– It is stored on the Yahoo Email server and not on your phone/tablet.

Q- I Can’t read old messages as they aren’t displayed on my Smart Phone-

A- On some devices you will find that only the latest messages are displayed and accessible. There is usually a setting to let you view all messages.

Q- I have sent an email from my App can I view it in the sent items using my PC and A web Browser.

A-Yes the App and the browser use the same email folders which are all located on the Yahoo email server.

Q-Can I read email when offline?

A -Yes if they have already been synchronised with your device.

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