Using Google Maps Offline On Android

google-maps-imageGoogle Maps has been popular  web based application used on the desktop for route planning for a long time, and it was also the first free voice enabled  SatNav App for Android.

However Google Maps requires an Internet connection to work.

This isn’t usually a problem on Mobile phones as mobile network coverage is widespread in most countries, but it is a problem with devices like tablets that don’t normally have a mobile internet connection.

However,all is not completely lost as you can download maps and use them offline.

To do that  you must first be online and logged into your Google account. You then Open up the Google Maps App and search for the desired location (e.g. Ironbridge).

Now in click the bar that appears under the search bar with the destination name in it.

A new screen opens that allows you to do various things like favourite it or share it. . At the bottom is the save map for offline use link. Click the link


You can now adjust the map area before you save it. Th maximim map area that you can save offline is 50 square km . Click save to save it.


Now we need to give the Offline Map a name, and then click save to save it.


 Testing the Map

Rather than wait until you are at the location, and offline before you see if it works, you can test the map by simply temporarily disabling the Wi-fi to go offline.

If you open Maps, and try to do a search you will see your offline maps displayed at the bottom of the screen.

You should notice in the screen shot below that two of the Maps have expired and are not available.

Offline maps expire after 30 days and nee to be updated.

Press on the Map you want to use (Ironbridge) and the Map should open normally just like you were online.

google maps-offline-1

Managing Offline Maps

There are several thing you can do with offline maps they are

  • delete them
  • rename them
  • update them

You can access these management functions when offline by clicking on the view all and manage link.


If you are online then you need to

  1. Open the Google Maps
  2. Touch the menu Your places.
  3. Scroll down to “Offline maps” and touch View all and manage.

Shown in the screen shots below:




Note: You need to be online to update maps but you can rename or delete them while offline.


Although you need to be connected to the internet to use Google maps as a turn by turn SatNAV you can still use Google Maps to find your way by taking them offline.

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