Practical Uses For Your Android Tablet Or Phone

You can use your Android tablet or phone to replace many common devices the most common one is the digital camera, but there are many more like radios,calculators,music players etc.

On this page we will look at what everyday devices an android phone or tablet can replace.


This is my favourite as with a family with several cars you could never find the SatNav, and now we don’t need one.

Most Android devices come with Google Maps already installed. Although I like Google maps and it can be used as a SatNav it needs an Internet connection to work as a SatNav.

This makes is unsuitable as a Satnav for devices like tablets which don’t normally have a GSM (mobile) connection.

However there are many excellent Apps on the Google play store that work in an offline mode so you don’t need an Internet connection.

Many are free,and some have a premium version. There are also Apps from the Main SatNav manufacturers that tend to be used by professionals.

Take a look at the free Nokia App called here and GPS Navigation BE-ON-ROAD and Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps.

Note: Your Tablet will need to have GPS.


If you like listening to the radio you can get your favourite radio stations on your tablet.

The advantage of using your tablet is that you can pause the radio and even catch up on shows that you may have missed.

You can even listen to your favourite radio station when traveling or living abroad.

If you go to Google Play store and do a search for radio you will find dozens of Apps, many specific to particular radio stations.

Just install the Apps you need.



There are many calculator Apps ranging from the extremely complex scientific calculators to the very basic every day use ones.

There are also specialty calculators like:

  • Percent calculator
  • Fraction calculator
  • VAT calculator
  • Resistance Calculator – for electronics
  • Love calculator !

Take a look here

A Spirit Level

spirit-level-bubbleNeed to get something level?

Just use a spirit level App. The one I like is called bubble.

A Compass

If you like walking and hiking then a compass App is just the ticket.

There are loads of different apps to choose from and some are incredibly sophisticated.

Note: Your device must have a compass sensor.

EBook Reader

You can use your android tablet/phone to read your Kindle ebooks by simply installing the Kindle ebook reader from the Google play store.

The kindle books from your online Amazon store are synchronised to the tablet/phone so that they available even when offline.

adobe-ereaderYou can also gets Apps for Nook and Kobe and many other Ebook stores.

Because PDFs are so common you should install the Adobe reader App

Clock, Alarm Clock and Stop Watch

google-clockAndroid phones and tablets usually come with the Google clock App. This App functions as a stop watch, alarm clock and will track times around the world.

If it isn’t already installed then you can install it from the play store.

If the default App doesn’t have the features you need then there are lots of other Alarm clock Apps.

TV Remote Control

If you have a modern smart TV then there are many Apps on the Play store that let you control the TV using your phone or tablet.

If you have an older TV then it probably uses infrared for the remote control.

Unfortunately not many Android devices have infrared support, but if your does then there are also APPs available


android-dictaphoneIf you need to make voice notes, record a lecture or meeting then there are many voice recording Apps available that will do the job.



Torch or Flashlight

android-torchIncredibly useful App for finding something or finding you way in the dark and a popular feature on even old mobile phones.

There are two types to choose from. The most common ones use the flash LED from your camera as a torch/flashlight.

If you don’t have a front facing camera then you can use the white screen type apps that give you a bright while screen to help you see.

See Here

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