Uploading Videos To Google Drive On Desktop And Mobile

Whether we want to share our files with other people or simply save the documents we want, Google Drive is a very essential tool we could use. However, understanding tools as such can sometimes be difficult, and that’s the reason why guides are created to help you navigate these things easily.


If uploading your videos or files to Google Drive has been your problem for a while, here’s a simple tutorial you can follow. In a few easy steps, you can learn about uploading your documents—anytime and anywhere you want!

Uploading on Desktop

1. Open Google Drive and click on “New” at the upper-left part of the screen.

Once you’ve opened your Google Drive, your screen should look somewhat similar to the picture below. You’ll see that at the upper-left side, there’s a button indicated by a plus sign with the text “New” beside it—it’s similar to what’s encircled in the example. That’s what you have to click.

2. Choose between File Upload and Folder Upload.

After clicking that “+” button, you’ll see different options you have to choose from.

New Folder

If you choose to click the “New Folder” option, you’d be creating a new folder in your drive where you’ll be uploading all your files. Yet, this is only when you want to separate the files you want to upload from your existing ones. If that doesn’t actually matter, you could directly click File Upload add your documents or videos to your drive.

File Upload

Like I’ve said earlier, you can choose this option when you don’t want to have a separate folder for the files you want to upload and basically just want to keep them in your Google Drive.

The types of files you can upload are:

  • Documents (texts, .docx, .pdf, etc.)
  • Images
  • Video (.mp4, .mov)
  • Audio (.mp3)

Folder Upload

Now if you’d like to upload not a single document only but an entire folder, this option makes it much easier for you. When you already have the organized folder on your desktop, simply click this and drag the entire folder you wish to upload.

Uploading on Mobile App

Google Drive’s desktop and mobile features are very similar, so you won’t actually have difficulty navigating through them. However, to make things a lot easier for you, check these steps to successfully upload files on your mobile device.

1. Open Google Drive and click the multi-colored plus (+) sign.

Unlike the interface on the desktop, this button can be found at the bottom-right part of your mobile screen. After clicking, you’d be shown a number of options.

2. Choose the correct file type you wish to upload.

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll notice a “Folder”, “Upload”, and “Use Camera” button. Similar to how it works on a desktop, choose Folder when you want to upload an entire folder from your device to Google Drive. But, if it’s only a single video or document, then choose Upload in the middle one.

The only difference between mobile and desktop app is that the former allows you to use your camera instantly and upload the images or videos you’ll be producing, while the latter does not.

Keep Your Files Safe in Google Drive

What’s great about this too is that all the tools you’re using—Slides, Forms, Docs—for example, and the files you create in them are automatically saved in your Drive. Thus, this saves you the hassle of storing your files somewhere else and also keeps your files from going missing.

Yet, one thing you have to note about using Google Drive is that its storage is limited. Therefore, there will come a time where it might become full and you’d have to delete some unnecessary files you’ve previously stored.

If you need more storage to use, you can buy still buy more but it’s up to you already. Nevertheless, Google Drive is really considered a safe tool you can use for storing multiple files!