How To Turn on Bumble Boost

The butterflies that run like an Olympian when people start paying for a dating app like Bumble or Tinder is just a moment to cherish for. But, on the happy end, the premium advantages that these dating apps provide is just like the fourth gear in a vehicle. It is often said that experience is the master of all knowledge. Until you knock the door, you will never know what is on the other side of it. But, in the same context, it is really important to have research enough not to get drenched in the apps totally. So, letting the flies take their flight, you must know what Bumble Boost is, how well it works and will it in a real sense get you more matches and help you in meeting more people? Check this out to get your answer.

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Instead of the free service provided by the Bumble when you want to sign up for Bumble Boost, you got to do 3 things: –

  • See the Beeline or your right swipes

This feature accelerates the process of meeting new people little faster. Bumble collects all those people who have swiped right on you and present them before your plat all together. This completely saves time as you do not have to search individually. Rather you get to see if you have matched with someone or not. All you have to do is right swipe all those single girls or boys (depending on the gender you are) to get an instant match.

  • BusyBee or Extension of Time

Out of the three readable features, one is this, BusyBee. On Bumble, you get the time to match with your right swipes. In your free account you will be able to extend a match for one day. But, the Bumble Boost can help you do this as many times you like to do with as much people you want to. So, in the mean while when you are thinking the replies to your match, this feature helps you to extend a match before it expires wholly. The other person that will get a notification saying you didn’t want to let them go is a message on its own.

  • Rematch

Bumble Boost is an amazing tool for the premium holders. It allows you to rematch with the profiles that have expired after the initial 24houor window are up. On the free account, you will get to see the expired matches. But if you are a resident of big city, it will take time to find the match again. Rematch is really a joy of convenience.

How much do you expect Bumble Boost to cost you?

The plans for the Bumble Boost get a revision periodically. It is even different for different cities and areas that you live in. the upgrading plan depends on the plan you select. The plans range for a week, one month, three months and six months. You can choose one out of them. If you do not like the services you can get back to your free account at any given point of time.

The standard options available in this context are:-

  • Weekly Subscription: $8.99 per week
  • Monthly Subscription: $24.99 per month
  • 3-Month Subscription: $49.99 every 3 months
  • Lifetime Subscription: $139.99 (one-time payment)

Bumble Boost

How can you turn on Bumble Boost?

There are ample of ways to sign up for Bumble Boost.

Option 1:

On your Connections screen, the gray question mark icon located in the top right corner allows you to choose the option to subscribe to Bumble Boost.

Option 2:

On clicking on the Connections screen, you get a pixilated green circle that contains a blurred photo. This shows the number of users right-wiped you. On clicking on the circle, you will get redirected to a subscriptions page for Boost. This is the place where you can sign up.

Option 3:

You can find silver circles on your expired connections photos. Reaching there, you will get a redirection to earn a subscription page for Boost; you can then get through the page after subscribing.

The Bumble Boost has various advantages which help is saving time, prevents Fear of Missing Out. But, on further analysis, there is an alternative to Boost. You can get Super Swipe features using the Bumble Coin. Spotlight helps you to stay in the top decked profiles for 30 minutes. 2 Bumble Coins are only needed to get the Spotlight feature. Bumble Boost is a personal decision. If you do not like the features, you can always get back to your free account.