Translating Document To A Different Language In Google Docs

Writing in your native language and other more you’re comfortable with can be very easy. Ideas just continuously flow, making it less difficult for you to create and complete the thought of what you’re writing about. You could constantly talk about any topic, even those you don’t know of, but still have a lot to say in the end.


However, what if you were tasked to write something in a different language? Or let’s say you need to understand a specific article but it’s written in a language you can’t understand?

Of course, you would have to translate it, and if you’re working on something in Google Docs, they’ve got just the right feature that makes it easy to do translating. Here’s how to do it.

1. Open the document you want to translate in Google Docs.

Type in Google Docs on your tab and open the specific document you want to edit.

2. Visit “Tools” and select “Translate Document”.

When you’re already on the document, check for “Tools” on the menu bar at the upper part of your screen.

After clicking, look for the “Translate Document” option and click it.

3. Add a title and pick a language you want the text to be translated into.

It will ask you to type in a new title for your document so that you’d be able to distinguish the original and the one you’ll be creating. Below the space for the title is where you can pick the language you prefer for your document to be translated into. Simply click the arrow down and select from the options the language you want.

4. Click “Translate” and check the new document created.

Make sure that you click the “Translate” button for your changes to be saved. After that, it will open a new tab for your newly created document. Visit it and check whether you’re satisfied with the translated document


For translating long documents, remembering these steps can help you save the hassle of manually translating each line or paragraph and can help you finish quicker. However, it may not be a hundred percent accurate at all times so you can also double-check using other translator apps there are.

Nevertheless, it made the work much easier for you, right?