How To Transfer Files From Android To PC Using Wi-Fi


You can transfer files from android to and from your Windows PC using Wi-Fi.

Using Wi-FI to transfer files is much quicker than Bluetooth and often more convenient  than using a USB cable.

It also  works not only for transferring files to your PC, but can also be used to transfer files between a tablet and a smart phone (IOS or sharing files between Android Devices.

However before you can do this you will first need to install a File Transfer  APP.

The one I will be using here is the Fast file transfer App.

All of the file transfer Apps tend to work in a similar fashion.

Most will create a web server on the tablet/smart phone and share the files that way.

You then download them to the other device just like you would download files from the Internet.

The general process is:

  • Install Fast File Transfer on Phone or tablet and Select Files to share. Usually you will need to use a file manager to do this. See Using the Astro File Manager.
  • A web server is created usually on port 8080 and the files are made available on a download page.
  • Use a web browser on the second device to view the web page.
  • Download the files to the second device.

Here is a video that covers the process


  • The device name and password are used when using Wi-Fi Tethering.
  • There is no security on the shared files so anyone connected to the network could access them. This is unlikely
  • Use the security setting to stop sharing after download for better security.

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