How To Disable Comments On TikTok Videos

TikTok became the number one most downloaded app in the App Store for the first quarter of 2019. Many active users post content here daily. To keep all the users happy, TikTok has to have regular updates. These updates introduce new features or make the existing ones better and easier to access.  

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That’s why they implement many different features often. But, with this many updates, it can be a bit tricky for newcomers to adapt. There is so much to learn, so many things to experiment with, and it is very easy to get lost in all the options. 

That’s why we have decided to make this simple guide for you. It will help you manage your TikTok account. The topic we will focus on is disabling comments. If you’ve recently posted your first TikTok video, you might not like the idea that anyone can comment on your content. 

But, that’s the thing with social media. The world can see the videos you make. If you are not comfortable with strangers commenting on your videos, there is something you can do. TikTok implemented a very useful feature for anyone who wants to keep their comments in check. 

It is ideal for filtering your comments and selecting who can or can’t comment on your videos. You can also disable all the comments completely. If you want to know how to do it, keep reading to find out.

How to Disable All the Comments

To have no more people commenting on your TikTok videos, all you have to do is follow these simple steps. After you enable this feature, no one will be commenting on your content. Here is how you can do it.

Step 1

 Open the TikTok app and go to your profile. On the top right corner, you will see the “…”. This is the settings menu. Tap on it to get to the next step. 

Step 2

 Select the second option from the top. You need to tap on “Privacy and Safety.” 

Step 3

 Now select the first option from the “Safety” menu. This is the menu where you can regulate who posts comments, who sends you messages, reacts to the content you make, or gives you likes. To disable the comments, select the option “Who can post comments.” 

This is a screenshot taken from iPhone. To select the same option on Android, press on the “Who Can Send Me Comments” button. Once you select it, you can get to the next step.

Step 4

 If you want to disable all comments on your TikTok videos, select the “Off” option. If you want only your friends to comment on your videos, select the option “Friends.” 

That’s it! Now you know how to disable all the comments on your TikTok videos. 


TikTok is a very interesting app to use. You have countless features and options to experiment with. It will take you a while to learn them all. But, that’s exactly what makes this app so addictive. People all over the world share the content they make just so that other people can see it. They comment on each other’s videos, leave a like, or share their content. 

But, if you want to make sure that no stranger comments on your videos, all you have to do is disable that option. That’s why we made this simple guide for you. Hopefully, you found it helpful.