The Easiest Way To Split A Table In Google Docs

Aside from simple texts and blocks of paragraphs, other elements you can usually observe in a document are images, charts, and tables. These are utilized not only to add life or variation to whatever document you’re creating but also helps the readers easily understand the information you intend to relay.


For this guide, we’ll focus more on the use of tables in documents. Indeed, adding a table is easy and can be done in just a few clicks, but how about when it comes to managing it? Splitting a table is an essential technique you can apply to handle and make your tables seem organized. If you didn’t know that, then this guide can perfectly instruct you on what you need to do.

Read below and start learning more about it!

1. Go to Google Docs and choose the document you want to modify.

Before you can begin anything, you must first pick and select among your existing documents the one you wish to edit. After choosing one, make sure to open it.

2. Choose the page where the table you want to edit is included.

When you open the document, there are several pages included, which is why you must scroll down to find the page where the table you want to split is located.

3. Highlight the rows that you want to split from the table.

If you’ve already seen the table, highlight the rows you want to detach from it. You may do it to the columns rather than the rows if you prefer. Simply highlight the columns you want to split, not the rows. Regardless of that fact, just follow the same steps in splitting a row from the table.

4. Click anywhere in the rows highlighted then drag down the cursor.

Click anywhere in the highlighted rows, then drag your mouse or cursor down to see the section of the table split from the original one. A blank space, however, will appear; this is where the information or data from the dragged-down cells came from.

Take note that there is no minimum or a maximum number of rows or columns you can detach from the table; you can decide on how many you want to split. You just have to select or highlight all the rows or columns you would want to be detached from the original table.

5. Highlight the blank rows from the original table and click “Delete ‘n’ rows”.

To delete these blank cells, select them, right-click, and then select “Delete ‘n’ rows” from the menu options that will appear. After that, the blank rows or columns will immediately be removed.


Splitting the tables you’ve included in your document can help you to categorize or organize its data in a more comprehensive way. Rather than clumping them up in a whole table, sometimes it’s just better to separate them according to type to avoid getting confused.

Aside from splitting tables, you can also merge the cells inside a table in Google Docs. That’s not one of the things we’ve discussed in this guide, but it’s surely something that can help you too! Learn more about it and feel free to visit our site for more helpful guides like this one.