The Best Discord Bots For Streamers

If you use Discord with your streams, using bots means you spend less time moderating chat and more time perfecting your game or chatting with your followers. This list of the best Discord bots for streamers will include all the bots we have tested that deliver the features you need to stream without having to work too hard on Discord.


The intent of this page is to show the current range of Discord bots you can use to manage chat while you stream. Multitasking is much better when done in-game rather than having to manage unruly chatters or channels and these bots help.


Many of Tatsumaki’s features are similar to Nightbot for Twitch but it also has one thing Nightbot doesn’t. An incentive system that actively encourages users to be more interactive. If you’re streaming and have Discord as part of that stream, showing an active server makes you seem very popular. Any gamer in their right mind is going to want a piece of that.

Tatsumaki also moderates chat and allows voting in polls. Both of which could be used to increase interaction on your server and your stream.


The Discord Translator bot may come in useful too. It translates text chat into other languages. While it won’t change your voiceover into a different language, it will allow those from other countries to follow Discord messages in their native tongue which is a very neat way to increase your reach.

Translator works in many popular languages and once invited needs very little configuration or management. If you think your stream will reach non-English speakers, this might be the bot for you.

Airhorn Solutions

You may love or hate Airhorn Solutions but it is effective. I have watched streams where it has been used to great effect to announce kills, competition winners, poll results and other notable happenings. While it is predominantly an airhorn, there are other sounds it can play too.

If you want to fully engage your audience and have the ability to stream and interact to the degree that you can run polls or hook it up to register kills, all the better.


GameStats is a useful bot for game streamers that links to your games and shows stats on a stream. If you’re a competent gamer and don’t mind everyone seeing how good you are, this could add a little extra something to your stream. This is obviously only relevant if you’re a gamer but works reliably enough if you are.

This bot does seem to take a little more setting up than some but in return you get all your game stats displayed within Discord in its own little window.


If you have airtime on your stream for music, Vexera is one way to get it. This bot is one of the best music bots for any platform and delivers great quality audio streams from a huge selection of sources and music genres.

If you have times in your stream when you’re concentrating hard and don’t have time to chat, filling that airtime with music is a good way to keep people entertained while you play. There is nothing worse than dead air on a stream and Vexera will stop that happening!


TriviaBot is a light hearted bot that can add an extra element of entertainment to a server and a stream. As the name suggests, it can ask questions, test knowledge of TV shows, movies, games, manga, sports, science and all manner of subjects. It’s a neat addition to a server if you want to keep things interesting.

The bot is very simple to use, requiring just a ‘/trivia start’ command to get it going. The bot takes care of the rest. If you’re hitting a raid and need all your concentration, this could be something to keep the troops entertained while you play.


GuildedBot is useful if you play guild games and want to recruit. It’s almost a team management app in its own right but is a Discord bot. Invite it to your channel, configure the messaging and manage, build and utilize teams to complete raids, dungeons or whatever you want to do.

If you’re in a guild, this bot can take some of the work out of managing it while you’re juggling a stream and chat at the same time. Well worth a look.

Those are what I think are some of the best Discord bots for streamers. Got any suggestions to add to the list? Tell us about them below if you do!