The Best Discord Bots According To Reddit

If you’re new to Discord or want to set up a server from scratch, rather than trial and error, why not use the combined wisdom of the internet to help. Bot choice can be an individual one but you can also use other people’s experience to get your new channel off to a flying start. Hence this article listing the best Discord bots according to Reddit.


Don’t spend days trying them for yourself, use what others have learned to decide which is the best bot for a given task or in a particular situation. You can always change them later if you find something better!

Best Discord bots on Reddit

Discord is a popular topic on Reddit. Most of it is positive as there is a lot Discord gets right. Bots are one of those things it gets right and deciding on which is the best bot generates a lot of conversation!

There are lots of ‘best bot suggestion’ topics on Reddit. It would take an age to read them all. This article means you don’t have to. I have scoured Reddit and recorded all the bots mentioned for specific things, all so you don’t have to. Here are what I think Reddit thinks are the best Discord bots.

Best music bot

The votes for the best discord music bot seem split between Rhythm and Groovy. I have used both and I would say they are fairly even in terms of usability, capability and reliability. Both have a bunch of useful features and while Groovy has a premium option, both bots have free versions that let you play music on channels, create playlists, use timers, external music sources and a lot more.

Best moderation bot

According to Reddit, this bot is also split between two, YAGPDB and Dyno. YAGPDB has more features and offers a range of moderation options but Dyno is much easier to set up and manage. If you’re new to Discord, Dyno might be a good place to start for basic moderation options. You could always move on to YAGPBD once you get to grips with how bots work and how important moderation is when running a Discord server!

Best general purpose bot

The best general purpose bot vote seems to go to MEE6. Dyno, Tatsumaki and Bastion all received a lot of praise but more people seem to vote for MEE6 than any other bot. I use MEE6 and I echo what people say about it. The bot is powerful, very flexible and has a ton of features that most server owners will use on a daily basis.

Best leveling bot

Depending on how you use Discord, leveling will either be useful or not. I don’t use it personally but I know a lot of people do. You can reward good behavior, attendance, interactivity and more, therefore encouraging a community in a positive way. While MEE6 got a lot of votes here, it was Tatsumaki that got the most. It’s a general use bot with XP and leveling as a core feature. Well worth checking out if you want to add leveling to your channels.

Best alt protection

Alts are used a lot by spammers and troublemakers to spoil people’s fun on Discord. Having a bot that can identify them can save you a lot of hassle on a channel. The bot that gets the most votes for this is AltDentifier. It’s a simple bot that can verify if a user is real, if they are a likely bot and generally protect your channel from spam.

Best logging bot

Lots of bots can log, MEE6, Dyno and others can all log chat but one bot gets more votes than any other, Carl-bot. It’s another general purpose bot but logging is a real strength. It can log chat, messages, purged or deleted messages, invites, joining and leaving, updates, role changes, emoji use and a ton of other useful metrics. If you want to keep on top of what’s going on with your channels, you could do a lot worse than Carl-bot!

Best reaction bot

Reactions are a feature of Discord that you will either use a lot or hardly at all. I’m the latter camp but I know there are lots of users who use reactions a lot. I will admit to not knowing a lot about reaction bots or how they work so will keep this one brief but those that do overwhelmingly recommend YAGPDB. It has a number of self-assignable roles and work with reactions to make running any channel easier. Well worth checking out apparently.

Do you have any Discord bots to suggest? Think these are spot on or completely wrong? Give us your opinion below!