The Best Crunchyroll Movies

The best place to find the greatest anime shows, movies, and manga has a name, and it is Crunchyroll. This American anime distributor that specializes in East Asian-related content. And the best thing is that you can watch them for free.


Of course, you will face certain limitations such as a limit of hours that you can watch, and commercial breaks between shows. So if you cannot stand this, you can avoid them by paying a monthly subscription. Besides, all premium users will be able to watch the show hours after being released in Japan. While all free users must wait a day or two before being able to watch them. All these advantages for only 7.99$.

Either way, Crunchyroll is a great way to enjoy your favorite anime, whether you decide to pay for its service or not. In fact, Crunchyroll is like some sort of anime-focused Netflix, and it is one of its kind. So if you are looking to watch an anime movie or show, Crunchyroll has everything that you are looking for.

Here you have some anime movies suggestions for your weekend anime session:

5 Centimeters per Second

It is an anime drama film about the life of a young man named Takaki and his relationship with Akari. Who were two childhood friends; or more than just friends? The movie has three episodes, being 5 Centimeter per Second the last one. During the plot development, you will see Takaki struggle while he passes to form a young boy to a grown adult.

Your Name

This movie will literally blow your mind! It is a great film, and it’s 8.4 and 97% on IMDB, and Rotten Tomatoes, respectively, are proof of it. This is a romantic drama film where two youngsters, from different parts of Japan, mysteriously, swap their bodies. It all starts when Mitsuda Miyamizu, who dreams to become a boy in her next life, starts to switch her body with Taki Tachibana. So, be careful of what you wish for.

Ghost in the Shell

We are referring here to anime movie of 1995, not the Hollywood version with Scarlet Johansson a Major Motoko Kusanagi. In fact, the only advantage of this version over the anime movie is her; in all other aspects, the anime is way better. In this action anime, you will join Motoko, a cyber-enhanced human, in her quest to find “The Puppet Master”, a criminal that hacks into the minds of enhanced humans.

These are among the best anime movies out there. Of course, there are way more, and it is possible that if you are a big anime fan, you have already seen them. However, if you are new to this world, and you wish to give anime a try, these movies are the perfect way to start your journey in this world.

However, since there is not a movie section, it is not easy to find movies on Crunchyroll. But you just have to look out in the show section for all the shows that have 1 episode. In most cases, these are all anime movies.