How To Tell Whether a Profile is Fake on Zoosk

Fake profiles are not unique to Zoosk. All dating apps and dating websites suffer from them, and it’s an ongoing battle for the apps and users to find and remove these fakes. Dating is a serious game, and you’re up against enough challenges as it is without having to cope with fakes or scammers. With that in mind, we are going to show you how to tell whether a profile is fake on Zoosk.

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None of these methods are foolproof, and none of them are definitive but notice one or more characteristics mentioned below, and you should become immediately suspicious of the profile.

Zoosk is another dating app that tries to be different. Where Tinder makes hookups accessible, and Bumble empowers women, Zoosk takes dating international. Rather than having to contend with a limited range in your search, Zoosk covers the entire world. That’s over 40 million users in over 80 countries, and you can see them all. You can filter by region of course, but it’s optional.

Zoosk also has a fairly even split between guys and girls, 52/48% apparently. That’s also new for a dating app.

Signs a Profile is Fake

Where Zoosk is the same as other dating apps is in the profile. It’s the default way all dating apps and websites work. Create a profile, add some images and away you go. Get out there, be noticed, and interact. The barrier to entry is low, with free accounts being easy to create. That means the volume of fakes is going to be high.

If you’re using Zoosk or have just signed up, you need to know some of the sure signs a profile could be fake.

Super-hot images

There are going to be hot guys and girls on Zoosk looking for a relationship the same as anyone else. That said, many scammers will use images of models and other beautiful people to hook their victims. If the image looks too good to be true, it might be.

A sure sign of a fake profile includes a single image instead of multiple images in different situations like a normal profile. If you can download a copy of the image, perform a reverse image search to see if it appears elsewhere.

Generic profile

Not everyone is the second incarnation of Oscar Wilde, but most people will put some effort into writing their dating profile. If you see a Zoosk profile that is poorly written, says only a few words or doesn’t make much sense, it may be a fake. Even if it isn’t fake, it isn’t worth bothering with. If they can’t be bothered to write a dating profile, they won’t be bothered to make much of an effort anywhere else.

Messages that don’t make sense

Again, not everyone can write well, but if messages really don’t make sense, then the profile could be a fake. It could be a bot or someone whose first language is not English. The latter is perfectly fine if that’s what you’re expecting but if it doesn’t fit the profile, be on your guard.

Messages asking you to move off Zoosk

Most interactions on dating apps will shift to text or phone at some point. If someone you met on Zoosk keeps asking you to use email, log on to a different site, text or call them too quickly or too insistently, be on your guard. They may just be super-keen or overenthusiastic, but they could also be a scammer.

Fame or fortune

Dating app users who say they are rich or famous are definitely ones to watch. I’m sure there are millionaire Zoosk users out there. It isn’t something most of them would advertise right away as they are usually careful to avoid gold diggers. Some people just like to exaggerate as they think it will make you like them more. Be careful with these too.

Keep asking for your number or contact details

Again, some people are very enthusiastic or pushy but if someone you met on Zoosk keeps asking for your number or email, be wary. Some use flattery to get your details, something like ‘You look amazing, I’m not on here very often so give me your email, and I’ll send you some pics of me.’

All of these are signs that a profile on Zoosk could be fake. They aren’t definitive as each of them could also be just the way the person works. If you see one or more of these on any dating app, be on your guard and have the possibility they could be a scammer in the back of your mind when interacting. They may not be, and they could be worth the benefit of the doubt, but be careful until they prove themselves worthy of you. If they truly like you for you, they will be patient!