How To Tell if Twitch is Linked with Steam

Good news for the Steam users! They now have the privilege to link their Steam accounts with the Twitch accounts. This has been announced over the official Twitch blog.

This means that players will now be able in linking with their Steam account with Twitch. This can be done upon going through the ‘Connections’ page upon going through their account settings.  Upon linking the account, DOTA 2 players will be eligible for item drops while going through Twitch streams of tournaments, of which they hold a ticket for, according to the DOTA 2 blog.

Why link twitch with steam 

This facility has been given post realising that people have their own reasons behind preferring to watch in game or through the streams, and to fill the void of specs they were lacking by opting for the services those are effective for them. The official site also states that they are aiming to have an expansion of their features available over this platform and would welcome to receive feedbacks for further enhancement.

Upon linking the twitch wit, steam one can be able in enjoying tournament games on Twitch. A user can also get the scope to have tournament loot through the linking.

How to do the linking?

The first step that has to be followed in this regard is to create a Twitch account. All the advantages can be enjoyed upon signing up for a Twitch TV account.

In this context, one has to first visit the official Twitch TV website, i.e., There one can find the Sign-Up button located at the top of the page. It is recommended to put a click on this.

Linking Steam with Twitch Accounts

  1. Once the signing up or account creation step is complete, the Steam and Twitch accounts can be linked upon going through the Twitch connection settings. In this context, visit the twitch. Tv through the Connection page, and put a click on the ‘Connection’ button available close to the Steam logo.


2. Upon selecting, it takes the user to the Steam login page. There one has to provide the account details and has to follow the Steam Guard prompt if it asks for.

3. Once the user is signed in with Steam, the task is done. The concerned Steam account is connected with the Twitch account. This would make the user eligible for item drops upon watching the official tournament steams live over there.

4. The users those who receive an item drop upon going through a Twitch stream, it is going to wait within the inventory, the instance when the game is loaded the next time. Also, any kind of features native to the game those keep track of the extent of the games upon being gone through from a certain tournament is going to earn the credit as well.

5. It is here to note that the games like DOTA 2 do ask the users to go for purchasing a pass of the game built-in. This has to be done prior to being able in receiving tournament loot.

6. Twitch account provides flexibility for the users those who love to get dissociated. Specifically, those who would wish to get out of the association between the concerned Stream and Twitch account can do the same by simply going back to the concerned Twitch connection setting page. This section can be reached simply upon visiting the site, and then putting a click on the Disconnect button that can be witnessed close to the Steam logo.

How does a user would know about what his twitch account is linked with?

It is also possible for a user to know about what the twitch account is linked with. It can be done simply by putting a click on the Yes, and linking that button with the concerned EA and with the Twitch accounts. Well, one can get a notification about this, that the user has been successfully linked. The next step is to check the Connections by going through Twitch settings. Most importantly, one should be able to finding the Electronic Arts listed within the ‘Other Connection’ section. In case it is not witnessed, all that one has to do is refreshing the site.

What is the relevance of Steam Guard upon linking with Twitch?

Users should know about the Steam Guard. Steam Guard is basically a security feature that has been designed to provide an extra layer between the account of the concerned user and those of the illegal parties. It makes the process of watching Twitch enjoyable and safe to a great extent.