How To Fix A Water Damaged Phone?

I bet no one does intentionally drop your smartphone into water unless you’re some crazy YouTuber who wanna test out on the resistance of the device to water. We won’t be in good shape to act immediately after the sight of our smartphone in a puddle of water or in the loo.


How to Fix a Water Damaged Phone?
How to Fix a Water Damaged Phone?

Accidents are unavoidable but reactions need to be instantaneous. Kick back to your senses pull that out of the water first. The fastest your smartphone gets away from water, higher the possibilities to survive.

Smartphones have started to be more resistant toward water in the past year or two, at least the flagship smartphones are even capable of a quick underwater selfie. If you own one such smartphone and you think this write-up is not for you, hold on for a second. Though these smartphones have the highest Ingress Protection ratings against water and dust they do have limitations, actually a lot.

The water resistance of a smartphone so far is only up to a meter of water and the deeper it drenches the higher the pressure and more chances of water entering in. Also, remember all the IP ratings are based on freshwater, not on the chlorinated water of the pools or salt water from seas. For you information till date, no manufacturer provides warranty for water damaged device which has the highest of IP ratings. Now you get it, right? Every one poses a risk of water damaging the 700, 800 dollar smartphone of yours.

What not to do to your Drenched Smartphone?

  • Before knowing how to fix a water damaged device we are going to see the don’ts first. Because there are a lot of misconceptions prevailing which can put your phone in the grave forever.
  • Do not try using your smartphone the moment you pull it out of the water.
  • Do not use any physical buttons either because that can push the water staying in the gaps inwards.
  • Don’t charge your device until you are sure of draining out all the water a few days later.
  • Most common misconception, ‘No’ too hot air blowers. Two reasons, it blows the water inward, it makes the phone hot. Hot is not good for the micro size internals.

We will run you through a step by step methodology that has worked best with our past experiences, Grab it quick and turn off

Don’t let the sorrow of your phone in water reach your heart, retaliate and pull of the device from water quickly and make sure you are not pitying at your all beautiful watery smartphone for a long time before switching it off. Don’t even check for its usability, just turn it down and remove the battery if possible & clean camera from outside. Wipe off with a microfibre cloth or a tissue which is more readily available.

Dismantle the Device

Get rid of all removable parts. I know most of us will dream of a removable back and battery phone from yesteryears in that situation. But remove whatever you could, be its SIM card, SD card or slots itself and aid yourself with a cotton swab to clean those areas. If you’re geeky enough get your hands on dismantling the device and give it a deeper wipe off. Don’t bother the warranty, with water dunk the warranty is void anyway.

Suck off the Water

We advised not to use the blower. Vacuum cleaners are the ones to do the job. Make sure they are in suction mode and run it over your device to pull out the droplets in your speaker grill and button cracks.

Dry it out

The ultimate step to be followed that can revive your smartphone to life after a dive into water is drying them up. Some simply dry them on sunlight but that to me is not that effective. There are places in the smartphone where the vacuum can’t even reach.

Take your dismantled smartphone to drop it in a bag of rice, zip locks it, keep your fingers crossed and wait for a good 48 to 72 hours before you take it off. Rice is a good absorber of moisture hence it keeps the surrounding of the phone less moist favoring to dry the smartphone quickly. If you want to be more sure use silica gel balls instead of rice which are not easily available in abundance.


After 3 days of patience try switching on your phone and know your luck. If it fails it is most probably a permanent damage. If you still have hopes get to the service center or head to the insurer to get you a new phone.