How To Take Screenshot On Vivo V9

Vivo V9 is the first model of Vivo company which comes with an AMOLED Screen and Android-based smartphone that boasts a 6.3-inch Full HD and 4GB of RAM and octa-core Snapdragon 626 chipset. In this article, you will get some information about How to Take Screenshot on Vivo V9.


How To Take Screenshot on Vivo V9

  1. Open the page and image that you want to take screenshot.
  2. Press and hold the volume down button and power buttons simultaneously.
  3. Then, you will hear the sound of screenshot capturing.
  4. Now your screenshot has been done you can check your phone gallery.

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yes, your information is correct. Recently I bought a Vivo V9 and the method of taking screenshot is same related to your article.


How To Take Screenshot On Vivo V9