How To Take Screenshot On Vivo V7 Plus

V7 Plus is the latest smartphone which is launched by Vivo. Many Mobile manufacturers have made to the Indian mobile industry over the past few years and Vivo is one of these companies. The company has launched many smartphones and one of the bestselling smartphone series which you will find is the V series.

Different smartphones and mobile operating systems come with different features. The steps to access features on one mobile operating system might differ from other, such as taking screenshot on a mobile phone. Over the past few days, we received many requests from our readers asking how they can take screenshot on Vivo V7 Plus. It is difficult to know all features of a smartphone which is recently launched as you have to give some time to your device to understand its functionality and how it works. To make it easier for our readers and people who are finding a way to take screenshot on Vivo V7 Plus, we came with this article.

How to Take Screenshot on Vivo V7 Plus

Taking screenshot on an Android smartphone is very easy. As Vivo V7 Plus is a smartphone based on Android operating system, it becomes easy to capture the screen. The methods which are mentioned below can be used to take screenshot on Vivo V7 Plus.

Method 1: Use Hardware Buttons

This is one of the easiest methods which you can follow to take screenshot on Vivo V7 Plus. All smartphones come with hardware buttons which can be used to access different features. Combination of few hardware buttons will help you in taking screenshot of Vivo V7 Plus. Follow the steps mentioned below to capture your screen on Vivo V7 Plus.

  1. The first thing which you have to do is open the screen which you want to capture on your smartphone.
  2. Once you have opened the screen, you have to hold a combination of two keys. Press Power and Volume Down button for 5 seconds.
  3. You will see your screen flashing which will confirm that you have successfully captured the screen of your android smartphone.
  4. To view the screenshot which you have captured, you can open Gallery and open the Screenshots folder.

In a similar way, you can take screenshots of Whatsapp Messages, high game scores on your Android smartphone.

Method 2: Use Screenshot Capture Recorder

If you want to use a third-party application to take screenshot on your Vivo V7 Plus then you can follow the steps which we have mentioned in this method. Here we are going to use Screenshot Capture Recorder which is an android app and will help you in taking screenshot easily.

Screenshot Capture Recorder is one of the easiest ways of taking screenshot on Vivo V7 Plus. You can select from different triggers available in the app to take screenshot on Vivo V7 Plus. Overlay button, notification, shake, Browser and Button combo are some of the trigger mechanisms available in this app for capturing screenshot.

You can even edit the screenshots which you have taken using the inbuilt editor which comes in this application. This means that you are getting two features in one application and that too for free. The app is available for free in Google Play store and you can search for “Screen Capture Recorder” or you can download the app by clicking on this link.

Specifications of Vivo V7 Plus

Now that you know how to take screenshot on Vivo V7 Plus, let’s talk about features which this smartphone has to offer. You can continue reading below as we have shared a quick review of Vivo V7 Plus.

Design and Display

Vivo V7 Plus comes with a 5.9-inch display screen which is a big enough for watching movies and TV shows. Small Bezels are the reason that the device is able to accumulate a 5.9-inch display. The display is a 2.5D glass which gives a good overall look to the smartphone. Plastic and Glass are the two materials used in this smartphone which leaves the metal body out of the picture.


One of the key components which you will find in a smartphone is its hardware. Coming to Vivo V7 Plus, you get a QUALCOMM Snapdragon 450 chipset processor which handles all the processes which are running in the background on the smartphone. Coupled with 4 GB RAM, it ensures that you are able to run all the applications easily without any hassle and multitasking is at its peak. You get 64 GB onboard storage space on the Vivo V7 Plus, however, if you are running out of storage space you can pop-up an external Micro SD card with Storage Space of 256 GB.


Vivo is well known for cameras and you get to see that in V7 Plus too. The smartphone comes with a 24 Mega Pixel front camera which is the best option which is out there for selfie lovers. If you love taking selfies and applying filters on them then you need to get your hands on the Vivo V7 Plus as the camera app comes with a preloaded set of filters and additional features. On the rear is a 16 Megapixel shooter which is the primary camera.


All these features and the mammoth 24 MegaPixel shooter is available only for Rs 22,000. This smartphone is ideal for all the selfie lovers which are out there. If you want to buy this beast, you can either go with online shopping websites such as Amazon, Flipkart or visit Vivo Retail outlets.

We hope that now you know how to take screenshot on Vivo V7 Plus. If you are having any queries related to this smartphone or don’t understand the procedure to take screenshot do let us know using the comments section below and we will happily help you out.