How To Take Screenshot On Sony Xperia 1R

When we hear the word “Sony” the first thing comes in mind is the best qualities of electronics gadgets. Sony doesn’t need any introduction. But still, the company doesn’t make its big name in the smartphone industry. However, Sony releases its smartphones in the market every year. Now, Sony going to introduce its new smartphone called Sony Xperia 1R. It will be the first smartphone of the world which will come with 5K display. We will share all the specs and features with when we got any official news from Sony. Now we are going to write the methods which helps you to take screenshot on Sony Xperia 1R.


How to Take Screenshot on Sony Xperia 1R
  1. If you want to take screenshot on Sony Xperia 1R Firstly, You have to navigate the screen which you want to save in screenshot.
  2. Hold your hands on Power button and volume down button of your Sony Xperia 1R.
  3. Then, you can realize the screen blink of your device and hear the camera shutter sound.
  4. Tap on phone gallery and find screenshot.

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