How To Take A Screenshot On Oppo A83?

Oppo A83 is a great smartphone recently launched by the well-known Chinese smartphone company. There’re plenty of awesome features in this mid-range smartphone which can’t be found in other smartphones of the same price range, like face unlocking, ultra HD photography mode that allows capturing of 50mp resolution images and much more than that. If you bought this smartphone recently but don’t know how to capture a screenshot on it, you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ll tell you the 2 methods of taking screenshots on this awesome device, and how to view them. Let’s begin:


Screenshot on Oppo A83
Screenshot on Oppo A83

Method #1: The Universal Physical Button Method

The first method of capturing the screenshot on your Oppo A83 is pretty simple. It’s the universal method actually – you just press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons together to capture a screenshot. Once it has been captured, it can be found inside your phone’s Photos app.

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Method #2: Capturing screenshots with gestures

If you wish, you can also capture a screenshot on your Oppo A83 with 3-finger gesture method. However, you will have to activate it manually by going to settings. Given below are the steps needed to do that:

  1. Go to Settings >> Gestures and Motions >> Screen-on gestures
  2. Enable the Gesture screenshotoption from there.

These two simple steps will activate the gesture screenshot method on your Oppo A83, after which you will be able to take a screenshot on your phone whenever you want to by scrolling from top to down with 3 fingers.

Viewing the Screenshots on Oppo A83

It doesn’t matter which of these methods you choose to capture your screenshots on Oppo A83, they will always be found inside your stock Photos app of the phone. Otherwise you can also follow the steps given below to view them:

  1. Open the Files app from app drawer;
  2. Inside the app, search for “Screenshots”;
  3. All screenshots that’re stored in your device will appear in the results. From there you can open the ones that you want you want to.

Final Thoughts

Screenshots provide an easy and timeless method of saving the information that you want to. Therefore, it’s important to know about how to capture them on your smartphone. By following the info given above you can capture as many screenshots as you wish on your Oppo A83 smartphone and view them easily. So do as much screen capturing as you want and enjoy!

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How To Take A Screenshot On Oppo A83?