How To Take Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy On NXT

Mobile phones or rather stated as smartphones are said to be mandatory stuff for the people. It is the constant evolution of technology that has made them smarter enough to operate. With the development of qualitative features, mobile phones are becoming more of a working module.


In the race of emerging smartphones, Samsung Galaxy On NXT is one of the most sought after option. Developed with exotic looks and stylized by advanced features, the phone is surely to buy.

And one of the prominent features is capturing screenshot. As known, screenshot is an important thing that allows users to click image of the screen for sharing with friends or at professional level.

These might include an essential discussion plan via chat or an intriguing image. Its introduction has led buyers put a question that how to take screenshot on Galaxy On NXT.

How to Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy On NXT:

Being simple in nature, smartphone by the name of Samsung Galaxy on NXT requires the user to select a screen at an initial level. After the screen has been chosen, the user should access power button and volume buttons. Both of them are required to be pressed together for 3 to 4 seconds.

As the step gets completed, the person happens to hear a shutter sound indicating that screenshot is captured. The best thing about capturing screenshot is that to can be emailed, shared on social media or even sent on what’s app to the known ones.

Thinking as to where the screenshot is captured? Well, Galaxy section is the right place to look for the captured screenshot.

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About the Samsung Galaxy On NXT:

Being advanced in nature, the smartphone was launched in October 2016 with qualitative features. It is exceptionally designed with magnificent looking 5.50 inches touch screen display.

With such a big screen, watching videos and movies would be a different experience altogether. Indeed, the touchscreen has been modernized with 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels. Now, this is called clarity at its excellence. And who would not like to enjoy crustal clear view of the videos or favorites movies?

Considering the other features of the smartphone, they are exuberantly brilliant in terms of 1.6GHz octa-core processor and a functional operating system as Android. Another good thing about the smartphone is its memory power, which is clearly exhibited in its internal memory of 32GB that can be stretched to 256GB through a Micro SD Card.

Its excellent storage capacity allows users to save favorite videos, movies and lots of images too.

Certainly speaking, none of the phones are complete without high quality camera. The smartphone is packed with a 13 megapixel rear or back camera and an 8 Megapixel front camera for selfie overs.

This is one such thing that would be loved by the selfie enthusiasts, who eat less and take more such pictures. Along with this, the phone is packed with 3300mAh non removable battery.

In today’s time, excellent battery is a mandatory part of smartphones that allow people to enjoy long talking hours or spending quality time in playing games.