How To Take Screenshots On Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Capturing screenshots is one of the best ways to save moments for looking back on them later. From web pages to chats to images, anything can be captured in a screenshot. If you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, then this way of capturing the moments comes with many additional capabilities too. In this article, we’ll take a look at all those capabilities and how you can utilize them while taking the screenshots on your Note 8. Let’s begin:


How to take Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

How to take Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

#1. Hardware Buttons

First of all, we have the good, old way of capturing screenshots with hardware buttons. While the physical Home button is now gone, which was used to capture the screen, the method of capturing screenshots with physical buttons is still available. The company has now gone back to the standard method of capturing screenshots on almost all Android devices: Power button + Volume down. Just hold down this combination and you’ll be able to capture the screenshot that you want to on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

#2. Palm Gesture

The Palm Gesture method of capturing screenshots is a signature feature of Samsung devices. It’s both cool and easy to use. You just navigate to the screen that you want to take in the screenshot, put your palm on the screen, and then swipe up with your palm to capture the screenshot. Those who find the holding of physical buttons a little pesky can try this method to take screenshots on their Samsung Galaxy Note 8.


#3. Scroll Capture

Another signature feature of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is scroll capture method of capturing screenshots. With this method, you can scroll a screen while capturing it in the screenshot and capture multiple pages in one single screenshot. To do that, you need to follow the steps given below:

  1. Navigate to the screen that you want to capture;
  2. Now capture the screenshot as you would using either the physical button method or the palm swipe method;
  3. As you do that, a preview of the screenshot and some options will appear on the
    bottom of the screen. Tap the option of “Scroll Capture”;
  4. And then just keep pressing “Scroll Capture” for as many screens as you want to capture
    in your screenshot.

The thing is, this is an advanced feature found under the Smart Capture section of your device. You can turn it on or off by navigating to Settings >>Advanced Features>>Smart Capture.

#4. Smart Select

  1. Now, this is arguably the fanciest way of capturing screenshots. With Smart Select method of capturing screenshots on Samsung Galaxy Note 8, you can select the part of a screen that you want to be captured in the screenshot. You can capture screenshots in any shape – oval, rectangle, polygon, triangle, square and so on. Follow the steps given below to do that:
  2. Navigate to the screen that you want to capture;
  3. Open the Edge panel;
  4. Slide left/right until you find Smart Select feature. You can also choose Smart select with your S Pen; Select the mode that you prefer;
  5. Select the area of the screen that you want to capture, and follow the remaining instructions to capture screenshot.
    There are many functions available in each option here. Some of them include:
     You can extract text from screenshots;
     You can also draw over screenshots;
     And once done, you can easily share your screenshots from right there.

Finally, just like other advanced features, this one can also be turned on/off from settings. Just navigate to Settings>>Display>>Edge screen>>Edge panels to turn it on or off.

So these are the 4 ways of capturing screenshots on Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Depending on your needs you can utilize any of them to capture screenshots.