How To Take Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy J7

Smartphones have become an essential mode of communication in existing technocratic world. Rather, it has managed to extend its usage for conducting official tasks for quicker connectivity. As the scenarios are getting altered, these phones are laced with qualitative features that work for the benefit of modernistic mind.


Each and every aspect linked with a smartphone is meant to assist people in conducting their essential tasks. And in this category, Samsung has managed to gain distinctive reputation because of the integrated smartphones manufactured by them.

Talking about its features, taking screenshot is the most sought after option. Indeed, people have a question as for how to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy J7.

First Method: How to take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy J7

The screenshots can be considered important as a part of dispensing essential information and sharing it with others. As a part of the common method, the users are required to select the screen for taking its shot.

How to take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy J7

How to take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy J7

After the selection, one has to press power button and volume button together for a couple of seconds. On doing this, a shutter sound is heard signifying the capturing of the screen. This screenshot can be saved well in the image folder to be shared with friends and other known people.

Second Method: How to take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy J7

As per the second method goes by, the user has to select a particular screen for taking its shot. Then, he or she should long press the Home Button for capturing screenshot.

And the task is done as screenshot is captured with a shutter sound. In this method, screenshot does not get saved automatically. There will be options of sharing like what’s app, Google drive or email appearing on the screen that enables the user to select a particular saving source. Certainly stating, it is a distinctive feature that Samsung Galaxy J7 has.

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About Samsung Galaxy J7

Launched recently in June 2017, Samsung Galaxy J7 is manufactured and packed with exclusive features. Initiating with the resolution power, it has 1080×1920 pixels of resolution with a wide screen measuring at 5.50 inches. Now, this will enable users to enjoy video clearer than thought.

Besides excellent display system, the smartphone is also having a 16GB internal memory that can be extended to 256GB through the inevitable assistance support of Micro SD Card. With such a wonderful memory, people can save their favorite videos and movies too.

Well, the list of brilliant features does not end here; rather, they extend with a high quality 13MP rear camera and the same one as a front camera. Certainly, selfie lovers can rejoice with a qualitative camera available to take smart pictures for sure. Along with the camera, the smartphone has 3600mAh battery that enables users to play games, enjoy long talks and even watch movies without worrying to charge the phone.

And do not forget that the heart of Samsung Galaxy J7 lies in its powerful 1.6GHz octa-core Exynos 7870 processor as well as functional on Android 7.0. This ensures that phone has exceptional characteristics.