How to Reset an Android Smartphones ?

Resetting a smartphone is essential to keep the software running intact or in case you want to pass on your old phone as a standby device to a friend who has got his phone under repair.


Factory Reset Android

Factory Reset Android

There are a number of reasons like sometimes the customer care executive requests you to do it if the last update did not go well or the software has aged and has collected a lot of cache and junk files. Of course, there are applications in Android to get rid of the junk files but they aren’t as effective as resetting the device.

There are not one but two types of reset in Android smartphone- 1.soft reset, 2.Factory reset / Data reset / Hard Reset

Soft Reset

Nothing but a quick action to clear the Cache in RAM and restart the device. This is most often done to unfreeze the device that is unusable due to heavy processing or inappropriate applications. This type of resetting does not wipe of the data or application cache, everything in the storage stays as such.

Simply hold the power button for some seconds until the phone vibrates and boots automatically. This is widely taken as restart, but originally not so, it force closes the OS and refreshes the memory before booting the device.

Factory Reset / Hard Reset

This type of reset wipes of all the data in the smartphone from the installed application to the stored images and videos. This is most often done to revive the device of a software bug or to get rid of the old data in one shot. Hard reset can be performed in two ways. The easiest of the two is resetting it via the Android settings menu and the other one is by booting the phone to recovery mode. The method to do though widely stays the similar overall the steps differ from brand to brand based on the different menu arrangements. Here we will consider the Pixel 2, the standard for Android smartphone and Samsung Galaxy S9 the best-selling smartphone to date as examples to elaborate on the steps to reset.

Factory Reset from the settings menu

  • Open the Settings menu by tapping on the icon from the app drawer or notification shade.
  • Swipe up and reach the bottom of the settings menu.
  • Now tap on the System and in the upcoming menu choose Reset.
  • In the next prompt screen choose to Clear all (factory data reset).
  • It shows a warning message and asks for administrator permission to proceed. Authorize with the PIN or Password and the reset process starts.

While the settings menu is common for most of the stock Android smartphones like the Pixel line-up, OnePlus and Nokia devices, custom skin bearing smartphones like Samsung, Xiaomi bear a different menu. If you feel difficult to find the reset option search with the keyword ‘Reset’ in the search box that is available at the top of the settings page.

Factory Reset from Recovery menu

Resetting from the recovery menu is all the same as doing from the menu with some added advantages. You will be able to reset your device from the recovery menu even after forgetting your passcode or your phone is not booting properly. Also, you can go an extra mile by wiping the cache partition which is not possible if you reset through the menu.

  • Start by switching off the device if it is on.
  • To boot into recovery mode press and hold the Power and Volume down keys.
  • The device vibrates and shows a start option pointing to the power key. In the recovery mode, the power key is the enter button and the volume keys are used to move to next or previous option.
  • Use the volume rocker to move and select recovery mode and press the power button.
  • The next screen is an android logo in mending process. Press and hold the Power and Volume Up keys together to get into recovery mode from fastboot menu.
  • Scroll to the Wipe data/Factory reset option, select and confirm it to perform the factory reset.
  • After the reset success command appears on the screen. Choose Reboot now.
  • If you wish to clear the cache partition do it before starting the reset operation which is available in the same menu.

Getting into recovery mode is another thing that differs among smartphones. Usually, the key combination used to boot to recovery mode is different. To know the exact procedure for your smartphone, head on to the official forum of your smartphone or a tutorial from a trusted site must help you get through.


Resetting a smartphone can solve most of the software issues but if it doesn’t head to a service center until you are very sure of what you’re doing with your device. Keep in mind online tutorials to root the device can be useful at times but at the cost of voiding the warranty.

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How to Reset an Android Smartphones ?