How To Take Screenshot On Oppo Phones

Oppo is one of the leading manufacturers of smartphones worldwide. The USB of Oppo phones is their camera quality. They have produced most staggering front cameras which click many epic and spotless selfies.


Oppo is ranked 4th globally since 2016 and is working very well by launching many budget phones and flagship phones from time to time. Oppo has produced many phones for different age groups excelling in the field of camera and sound quality. Let’s take a look at how to take a screenshot on Oppo Phones.

How to Take Screenshot on Oppo Phones
How to Take Screenshot on Oppo Phones

Method of How to Take Screenshot on Oppo Phones:

  1. First of all, Hold your hands on the Volume down button as well as the Power button.
  2. Now Press both the buttons simultaneously until you hear a shuttering sound or you observe a screen capture.
  3. Open the screenshots folder in the gallery to view the screenshot that you have captured.

Some of the of particular phones launched by the company are given below, you can check by clicking the link given: