How To Take A Screenshot On OnePlus 6

It’s a fact that OnePlus 6 is a great smartphone. But when it comes to capturing screenshots, OnePlus smartphones are a little different from the rest. While stock android and the majority of other smartphones allow you to capture screenshots simply and save them to your Gallery, OnePlus smartphones allow you to capture screenshots of two different types (more on that in a minute) and modify them right from the screenshot interface itself.


In such a situation, capturing a screenshot on a OnePlus device may be a little overwhelming experience for the first time users. So if you’re also confused about how to take screenshot on OnePlus 6, don’t worry. Because you’ve come to the right place to learn the way of doing that.

How to take Screenshot on OnePlus 6
How to take Screenshot on OnePlus 6

How to take a screenshot on OnePlus 6?

The first step to capture a screenshot on your OnePlus 6 is same as that of any other phone:

  • First of all, You have to open a content which want to save in screenshot.
  • Then, Press and hold power button and volume down button together for 2-3 seconds.
  • You will get a notification that your screenshot has been successfully taken.
  • You can get screenshot from phone gallery.

Or if you wish, you can also turn the ‘three-finger screenshot gesture’ On in Gesture Settings of your phone, which will allow you to take screenshot with a tap of 3 fingers.

Once the screenshot has been captured, you’ll see a toolbar in the bottom of your phone’s screen. You can instantly share the screenshot from that toolbar itself by tapping the leftmost button (the one with 3 dots connected in a triangular fashion), or if you wish you can edit it by tapping the pencil button. The next rectangular button is for taking a scrolling screenshot, which is explained below.

How to capture a scrolling screenshot on OnePlus 6?

A scrolling screenshot can capture the content of a page from top to bottom in one single screenshot – with this feature, you don’t need multiple screenshots to do that. To capture a scrolling screenshot, tap the rectangular button next to the edit button in screenshot toolbar.

The screen will start scrolling vertically, and a large screenshot will be captured with the content of multiple screens in it. If you want to stop it in the middle, you can tap the screen. Or else it will stop itself once it has reached the bottom of the page while scrolling.

Bottom Line

So that’s how you capture normal as well as scrolling screenshots on your OnePlus 6. Once they’ve been captured (and edited), they’re saved to the Gallery, just as expected. Capture them and do whatever you want to do with them!

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After using this phone for three days I love it it takes some getting used to if your coming from other phone companies but battery life is good despite its size and the speed is ridiculous! 128gb recommend!


How To Take A Screenshot On OnePlus 6

The battery is amazing I'm shocked actually. My previous phone moto g4 plus used to get less than 4hrs screen on time. I charged Oneplus 6 to 94 % yesterday at 12 afternoons. Now its 26 % at 11 am a screen on time 5.5 hrs as of now.


How To Take A Screenshot On OnePlus 6

All the feature of this phone are good. one plus is my one of my favurote and after reading your article i got info how ta take screenshot on this device


How To Take A Screenshot On OnePlus 6