How To Take Screenshot On OnePlus 5T

After the immense success of OnePlus 5, Chinese giant OnePlus has launched OnePlus 5T which is an upgrade to the iPhone lookalike OnePlus 5. Just like its sibling, OnePlus 5T comes with minor advancements as compared to the OnePlus 5. If you are reading articles regularly on our blog you might know that we love sharing guides on new Android smartphones and today also we are going to do the same with OnePlus 5T.


Over the past few days, after the launch of the OnePlus 5T, we received many requests from our readers asking How to take screenshot on OnePlus 5T. This is why we came up with this post where we are going to share different methods which are going to help you to capture screenshot on OnePlus 5T.

How to Take Screenshot on OnePlus 5T

There are several methods available on the internet which can be used to capture screenshot on OnePlus 5T and we have listed the best and easiest methods which one can follow to take the screenshot easily.

Method 1: Use Power + Volume Down buttons

If you have used any Android smartphone ever you might be familiar with this method. Using the hardware buttons on your mobile phone will help you in taking screenshot. The process is simple and you can follow the steps mentioned below to take screenshot on OnePlus 5T using Hardware buttons.

  1. First things first and that would be going to the screen which you wish to capture on your OnePlus 5T. Let’s say you want to take screenshot of Whatsapp message, open the chat which you want to save from Whatsapp.
  2. Now you are ready to take screenshot on OnePlus 5T. You have to press and hold the combination of Power + Volume Down buttons for few seconds until you see a flash on the screen of your OnePlus 5T. You might also hear shutter sound on your phone when the screenshot is captured.
  3. When you see that screenshot has been captured, you are ready to view it, share it with your friends. Simply open the Notification Bar and you will see the Screenshot which you just captured there. You can share the screenshot from there or you can also open Photos app of your OnePlus 5T to see the screenshot which you just took.

Method 2: Use Gesture to capture Screenshot

You can also use Gestures to take screenshot on your OnePlus 5T. In order to use this method, you have to activate it first by going to Settings.

  1. Open Settings of your OnePlus 5T and then select Gesture option.
  2. Here you have to turn on Three Finger Screenshot option.
  3. Now to take the screenshot, you have to swipe down using three fingers.
  4. The screenshot will be captured on your OnePlus 5T.
  5. Here also you can view the screenshot in Photos app or Notification Bar.

These are the two methods which will help you to take screenshot on OnePlus 5T.