How To Take Screenshot On Nokia 8 Sirocco

If you are a die-hard fan of Nokia and waiting for any flagship device of your favorite smartphone company. Then, your wait is over Nokia bring its latest flagship device Nokia 8 Sirocco in the market. It has all the latest feature and specifications which makes this smartphone different from others. Read below the simple way of taking screenshot on Nokia 8 Sirocco.


How to Take Screenshot on Nokia 8 Sirocco
  1. There are numbers of applications for taking screenshot on Nokia 8 Sirocco.
  2. The easiest way is you have to press power and volume down key of your smartphone.
  3. When you hear the shuttering sound of camera you will get to know that the screen has been captured.
  4. You can get screenshot from the photos folder of your Nokia 8 Sirocco.

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