How To Take A Screenshot On Mi Mix 2S

Xiaomi has launched its latest Mi Mix 2S smartphone recently, and it’s a super awesome device with almost no bezels and high-end specs. If you’ve just bought it, congratulations on a great choice. But if you’re finding it difficult to take a screenshot on this device, we’re here to help you with that thing as well. Given below are two simple methods that you can follow to take screenshot on your Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S.


How to Take A Screenshot on Mi Mix 2S
How to Take A Screenshot on Mi Mix 2S

The General (Physical Button) Method

First and foremost you have the simple physical button method of capturing a screenshot, which works on all Android smartphones, including Mi Mix 2S. To take a screenshot with this method just follow the tips given below:

  • Navigate to the screen that you want to capture in the screenshot.
  • Press and hold the Power and Volume down buttons simultaneously for a second.
  • The screen will flicker, you’ll hear a shutter sound and a notification showing the success message of screenshot capture will appear in the notification bar.

And that will be all. You can then find the screenshot in your default photo viewer app, whether it’s Gallery, Google Photos or something else.

The Notification Panel Method

The other easy method of taking a screenshot on your Mi Mix 2S is from the notification panel. Just go to the screen that you want to capture, pull down your notification panel and tap the ‘Screenshot’ option given in the panel. The screenshot will be captured and saved exactly where it’s saved with physical buttons method.


This 2nd method can also work in all those scenarios when your physical button(s) are damaged/not working properly. Or if you wish, you can use this method for convenience purpose as well. After all, tapping a shortcut in notification panel is far easier than pressing and holding 2 buttons simultaneously, isn’t it?

Bottom Line

So these were two easy methods of capturing screenshots on your Mi Mix 2S smartphone. There’re some others as well, which are mainly gesture-based, but you will have to activate them from Settings of your phone, so they’re arguably the easiest ones that you can try right out of the box to capture your screenshots. So use them and enjoy!

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How To Take A Screenshot On Mi Mix 2S