How To Take Screenshot On LG X2

In order to take screenshot on LG X2, you can use the hardware buttons which are present on your smartphone. It is a very easy way to take screenshot with the help of hardware buttons on LG X2 and we can achieve the same using the steps mentioned below.


How to take Screenshot on LG X2
How to take Screenshot on LG X2

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How to take Screenshot on LG X2

  1. Open the file which you want to capture on your smartphone.
  2. Once you open the screen which you want to capture, you have to press Power + Volume Down buttons.
  3. Hold these buttons for around 2-3 seconds or until the time you see a flash on the screen of your smartphone.
  4. When you hear shutter sound it means that you have successfully captured screenshot on LG X2.
  5. In order to check the screenshot which you just captured on your smartphone, you can open Gallery and then go to Screenshots folder to view all your screenshots.