How To Take Screenshot On LG G6

LG G6 is a phone which was recently launched in the month of February  2017. Now,  this is a high-end phone with amazing specifications.  In this phone,  you get 3300 mAh battery capacity,  and it has got a 5.70-inch screen size,  with a resolution of 1440X2880 pixels.  The phone runs on the latest Android 7. 0 Nought OS,  which is still exclusive to some devices only.


If you like to take good pictures,  then you must know that the LG G6 is equipped with 13 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera. You will find the phone running on 4BRAM with 32GB of storage,  which is expandable up to 128GB via a microSD card.  Well, these are some of the main specifications of the phone and to know the in-depth information on the device,  you can check out the official LG site.

Well,  with LG G6, you get to see many new things,  and a new UI too.  But,  the problem is though most of the Android devices have the same type of way of taking screenshots, some may have a problem dealing with it on LG G6. This can be probably due to the fact that some of the buttons have replaced from the front side of the phone and have gone to the backside.

These button replacements can be a problem for some.  And as taking screenshots is a basic thing which every Android user must know, thus we will help you to take screenshots on your LG G6 device.  So,  just sit back,  relax and enjoy reading our guide on taking screenshots on LG G6 

Steps To Capture Screenshot On LG G6 :

How To Take Screenshot On LG G6

How To Take Screenshot On LG G6

METHOD 1 (Using Power Button + Volume Down Key):

1) So,  in this method, we are going to do the traditional way of taking a screenshot on Android devices. Just get to your screen which you want to capture

2) First get to the backside of the phone,  and hold the “Power Button”.

3)After that, immediately get to the left side of the phone and press the “Volume Down Button” 

4) After performing this above-mentioned combination,  a small screen animation pop up will rise,  which means that you have successfully captured your screenshot.

METHOD 2 (Using The Notification Timeline Options) 

1) So, this is kind of different from the above method and this is a inbuilt feature in the notification window using which you can easily capture screenshots and start editing right away.  So, let’s see how to do it!

2) First get to your screen which you want to capture and then just pull the notification window down,  and then you will find a Capture+ icon.  You have to just click on it and your screenshot will be taken.

3) Now,  the good thing here is that,  instantly after the screenshot has been taken,  the system will display some editing options using which you can edit your screenshot by adding some cool arrows,  notes or whatever is there available in the editing options.


Well,  this is the last and final method we know as of now using which you can capture screenshots on LG G6. There are some 3rd party apps specifically made for “taking screenshot purposes”.

The good thing is that you can easily get these apps from the Play Store for free.  One of the popular app for capturing screenshots is Quick Memo.  In this app,  one can not only capture screenshots but also edit the images easily. You may want to try this method may be because you don’t like the above two methods or there can be chances that in future,  the above two methods may stop working for you so that time these 3rd party apps come to the rescue.

Final Part: How To Access My Captured Screenshots?

1) Well, all your screenshots would be stored in your Gallery app,  which can be easily accessed through your home screen or from the app drawer.

2) After accessing the Gallery app, open the “Screenshots” folder.

3) Boom! There you can find all of your captured screenshots.

4) In future, if you tend to download more image viewing or editing apps, then through them also you will be able to access these screenshots.


That brings us to the end of this post on our guide for taking screenshot easily on LG G6 smartphone.  We hope that now all of your queries are solved related to capturing screenshot on LG G6. Still,  we all must know that taking a screenshot is a basic thing,  which everyone should know.

So, keeping that in mind why don’t you share this article with your friends,  family members,  whom you think may be still struggling capturing screenshots.  Still,  if you got any doubts or find any new method,  then let us know in the comments section below.  We are waiting to hear from your side! 😀