How To Take Screenshot On Apple IPhone 7 & IPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 was launched back in September,  2016. When this phone was launched,  it had set a  lot of craze among the people and even today you can see many iPhone 7 ads on the Internet, newspapers,  radio,  television and various other places. iPhone 7 has got screen size of 4.70 inch with resolution of 750×1334 pixels.


It has got internal storage of 32 GB and RAM of 2 GB. If we look at the cameras,  we can find that the phone comes equipped with 12 MP primary camera and 7 MP front facing camera. It runs on the latest iOS 10 Operating System. Well,  that were the main specifications of the phone. We recommend you to go and check the phone in detail on the official iPhone site.

So,  now most of the people out there already own iPhone 7 and are having some good time with it. But, things have changed a little in iPhone 7 in terms of home button. There’s a new sensitive switch button which is powered by the amazing Taptic Engine.

Thus,  some people may still have little problem while taking screenshot on iPhone 7. Well, you need not worry anymore as we are going to guide you take screenshot on the latest iPhone 7. Trust me, it’s almost similar to the old iPhone models. So,  why waste anymore time,  let’s get on the steps.

Steps To Capture Screenshots On iPhone 7 & iPhone 7+

Screenshots Using “Power Button + Home Button” Combination:


1) This is the old and legendary method of the iPhone models. Just go ahead and open the specific screen which you want to capture

2) Now,  just press the Power Button located at the left

3) At the same time,  immediately press the Home Button 

4) If you have successfully performed the above key combination,  then you will see a blink  on your screen and at same time you will also hear a camera shutter type sound which is a sign that the screenshot has been captured.

Guide To Take Screenshot On Apple iPhone 7  & iPhone 7 Plus

Guide To Take Screenshot On Apple iPhone 7  & iPhone 7 Plus

Note : If you are not able to press both the buttons at the same time,  then the voice assistant Siri will open or your phone will be locked. Anything from the 2 mentioned things can take place.  So,  make sure you press both the buttons at the same time.

Method 2: Let’s Take Screenshot Using Assistive Touch :

Screenshot On iPhone 7
1) Didn’t like the above method? Well,  not an issue as we are going to list another method for you which is more easy and simple to perform. We will here be using Assitive Touch feature. So,  just keep reading to toggle the option

2) To ON this feature,  get to the Settings app and then head to General -> Accessibility -> Assistive Touch.

3) Now,  you have to enable the Assitive Touch toggle. 

4) Once you have done that,  click on the second option,  “Customize Top Level Menu”. 

5) Now to go ahead,  we will click on the Custom icon in star shape  located a bit on the middle left side.

6) Now you will see long list of options,  find Screenshot option and click on it.

7) That’s it!  From next time whenever you want to capture screenshots one handedly,  you can just select Screenshot option from Assitive Touch button.

Let’s Now See How We Can Access Our Captured Screenshots :

1) Well,  as now we have captured our screenshots then the next question arises is that how can we access them? Well,  to do that just open the pre-installed Photos app

2) Now,  head to Albums section and click on the folder Screenshots

3) That’s it! Now you can access all of your screenshots easily and also share them with your friends.

Conclusion :

That brings us to the end of this post! We hope that you will now be able to easily take iPhone 7 screenshots. The change in the design of the latest iPhone made it a little confusing to some people.

Still, hope that now everything is clear and easy to you. If you liked reading our article,  and want to help your friends or anyone who maybe having similar problem  then do share the article with him/her. Also,  let us know your thoughts on the iPhone 7 in the comments section below.