How To Take Screenshot On Huawei Nova 5 Pro

On the 25th of June, Huawei launched its new smartphone Huawei Nova 5 Pro. Now the company officially released this smartphone in market but it’s not available in market for sale. According to reports Huawei Nova 5 Pro will reach in market for Huawei fans. Here, In this article, We are going to describe the steps of taking screenshot on Huawei Nova 5 Pro.


How to Take Screenshot on Huawei Nova 5 Pro
  1. Hold your fingers on Volume down key and Power key of your Huawei Nova 5 Pro.
  2. Press both the buttons at the same time for some moments.
  3. Now, You’ll hear the camera shutter sounds which is the notification of successfully taken screenshot.
  4. Finally, Go to phone gallery and get your screenshot.

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