How To Take Screenshot On Huawei Honor 8 Pro

The advent of mobile phones, surely, changed the way of communication. Developed with the intention to reduce the gap between distantly placed relatives or friends, they emerged as the source of information. Slowly, they transformed into smartphones with the ability to conduct official and personal tasks on them. In this wake, varied smartphone manufacturing companies came into existence and one of them is Huawei.


How to Take Screenshot on Huawei Honor 8 Pro
How to Take Screenshot on Huawei Honor 8 Pro

Belonging to China, this company has produced smartphones in the affordable range and have packed their devices with high-grade features. Talking about the features, capturing screenshot is quite talked about. Certainly, in the new device, people are wondering as for how to take screenshot on Huawei Honor 8 Pro.

How to Take Screenshot on Huawei Honor 8 Pro:

First Method:

Step 1: As the process happens to start, it is necessary for the user to select the screen that needs to be captured.

Step 2: Further to this, one should go on the notification section in the settings. There, the user is required to tap on the Shortcuts option.

Step 3: On seeing screenshot button, one needs to tap on it. The outcome of the entire process results in capturing of screenshot.

Step 4: Certainly, the saved screenshot can be witnessed in the Gallery Section of the smartphone.

Second Method:

Step 1: In the second method, the user has to access Settings. In that, it is essential to access Smart Gesture and Smart Key.

Step 2: Here, one gets to have three options – Single, Double or Long Press.

Step 3: Further, one can select the type of Tap option and choose screenshot.

Step 4: Finally, the first method can be initiated to complete the process of capturing screenshot.

Step 5: The captured screenshot can be seen in the Gallery Section.

All About Huawei Honor 8 Pro:

Came to limelight in April 2007, Huawei Honor 8 Pro is one such phone developed with a 5.70-inch touchscreen. The excellence of the screen lies in its size that allows users to enjoy movies and videos in a better manner. Along with this, its touchscreen display resolution is augmenting the charm at 1440 pixels by 2560 pixels. Now, this can be stated as high graded resolution that enables people to enjoy clear picture quality.

Another qualitative feature of the smartphone talks about memory slot. With an internal memory of 64GB that can be further extended up to 256GB. A good thing about the memory slot is that people can store their favorite videos or memorable pictures without much difficulty.

Besides above-mentioned features, the Huawei Honor 8 Pro is equipped with 12 Megapixel camera in the rear or back side; while the front one is enabled at 8 Megapixel for selfie lovers. These days, the fever of selfie is such that people are always on a lookout for the camera that serves their purpose well. Not to forget that the phone operates on Android 7.0 Nougat and has a powerful 1.8GHz octa-core Kirin 960 processor. And finally, its 4000mAh battery enables users to play games or talk to their friends without worrying to charge the phone.