How To Take Screenshot On HTC One M8

HTC had a good year in 2018 with the launch of HTC One M8 which had a completely redesigned body and new features. So Here we are going to describe you how to take Screenshot on HTC One M8. Screenshots are useful for capturing and sharing the contents of your display, you can share your in-game high scores, any important information or a funny joke you saw.


How to take Screenshot on HTC One M8
How to take Screenshot on HTC One M8

Screenshot on the HTC One M8Traditional method

  1. Hold the phone in your hand making sure you place your thumb on the power button.
  2. Then using the other hand, place a finger on the volume down key.
  3. Now click both the buttons together and hold for 1 second.
  4. You can check, your screenshot has been saved in the phone gallery.