How To Take Screenshot On LG Tribute Dynasty

Nowadays, If you want to save any file, Images or any scene from any video the easiest way is taking screenshot. All the smartphones have a different way of taking screenshot. If you are a owner of LG Tribute Dynasty and you also want to take screenshot on LG Tribute Dynasty and don’t know the process then you are on the right place. You just need to swipe down and read the steps of taking screenshot on LG Tribute Dynasty.


How to Take Screenshot on LG Tribute Dynasty
  1. If you want to capture screenshot on your LG Tribute Dynasty you have to follow very easy steps.
  2. Just press the volume down button as well as power button and hold the buttons for 3-4 seconds.
  3. You’ll suddenly realize the screen blink of your LG Tribute Dynasty.
  4. Finally, When you open your phone gallery. You can see the screenshot there.

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