How To Take Screenshot On LG G7?

If you’ve the flagship LG G7 smartphone launched by the company recently, you must know how to capture a screenshot on it. You will need to capture it several times, and sometimes it can be a bit embarrassing if you own such a costly smartphone but don’t know how to take screenshot on LG G7. But don’t worry – we’re here to help. We’re going to share with you 2 different methods of taking screenshots on your LG G7. Let’s begin:


How to Take Screenshot on LG G7

Method #1: Taking screenshot with physical buttons

The first method of taking screenshot on your LG G7 is that of physical buttons. Just follow the steps given below to take a screenshot using this method:

  • Go to the screen that you want to capture in your screenshot;
  • Press the Power button (the one on the back of your phone) and Volume Down button together and hold them for a second. A pop-up animation will reflect on your screen and you will hear the camera shutter sound with it. A notification will also appear in the notification bar telling you that your screenshot has been captured.

The captured screenshot will be saved to your phone’s Gallery. Or you can also view it by navigating to Google Photos app if you have it.

Method #2: Taking screenshot with LG Capture+

Capture+ is a tool provided by LG to help you take quick notes whenever you want to take them, and in whichever form you want them. And since it’s a feature meant to take notes, it also allows you to capture screenshots (and edit them exactly when they’re taken). Given below are the steps that you need to follow to capture a screenshot with LG Capture+ on your G6:

  1. Navigate to Settings >> Display >> Home touch buttons >> Button combination;
  2. Drag the Capture+ option to your notification bar;
  3. Navigate to screen that you want to capture;
  4. Scroll down the notification bar and tap Capture+
  5. The screenshot will be captured and you’ll be shown the screenshot along with other Capture+ tools. You can use those tools to markup or edit the screenshot the way you want to, and then you can save it by tapping the tick mark in the top left corner.

Finding your screenshots

No matter which method you choose to capture your screenshot, they will be saved to the same location on your LG G7 and you’ll be able to see them from your default photo viewing app. And you will also be able to see them from your File Manager app – just open the file manager and search for “Screenshot”. All the screenshots saved on your phone will appear in search results, and from there you can open the ones that you want to.

So that’s how you take a screenshot and view it on LG G7. Follow the steps given above and enjoy!