How To Take Screenshot On Google Pixel 3A

Google has started producing smartphone in the last few years and have named this series as the Pixel series. The phones produced have very unique features like infinite storage which is very much attracting the users. The camera quality of the phones is phenomenal but the only thing is that they are yet not introducing the multiple cameras set up at the back. Now Google ready to launch their new Google Pixel 3A. Let’s tell you how to take the screenshot on Google Pixel 3A.

Google Pixel

Screenshot on Google Pixel 3A
  1. First of all, Select the desired screen of which u want to capture the screenshot.
  2. Then press the volume down button along with power button simultaneously for a moment of time.
  3. A shuttering sound will be heard along with a screen capture being observed.
  4. Open the gallery and see the screenshot in the screenshot folder.

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