How To Clean Smartphone Camera At Home?

Smartphone Cleanliness

Cameras are one part that loses on quality when not maintained clean. Where does the cleanliness of camera stand when many of us don’t even bother about cleaning the device at all? Smartphones, in general, are not properly cleaned as we clean ourselves and our belongings in a regular basis.


Clean Smartphone Camera
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They are the ones that always stay in our hands and with time they collect all the bacteria from us and the surrounding which when not cleansed periodically can transmit disease.

Why Clean your Smartphone Camera?

But that is not the case with a smartphone camera. Of course, they are a part of the device that carries microbes. That is not we are skeptical about when we talk about the camera cleanliness. It is the lens part that is on the surface of the smartphone that can gain grimes and smudges over time which will affect the image quality of the camera to a large extent. Consider a pretty capable DSLR camera with a cheap lens, will that make any sense. It is the same scenario of the lens part of your smartphone is smudged and not clear enough for the sensor to do its work.

With smartphones doubling and tripling their cameras already, the lens area has increased and most of the case protrudes the surface. So, the chance of having scuffs and picking grimes are high. It is time we need give our attention to the cameras to get the best photos and videos out of it.

What do you need to keep your camera clean?

Nothing much like a lens blower or something. Just simple things lying around is well enough to carry out the camera cleaning. Collect a lint-free soft cloth, preferably microfibre and cotton swabs. Use diluted cleansing solution which is readily available in the market as smartphone cleaners and screen cleaners. If you a DIY guy, then a mixture of vinegar and distilled water in equal propositions will do.

Stationary stores are available with disposable wet wipes which also can be used but for the camera, we recommend using the cotton swabs with a simple cleaning solution if you are not in any hurry.

Steps to clean a smartphone camera

We recommend switching off the device before starting with the cleaning process because
any accidental liquid spills might happen.

  •  Get rid of the case if any. Place your smartphone with the screen facing down on a soft surface. If it is a table place it over a cloth or some cushion to keep the screen safe.
  • Now dip one end of the cotton swab and wipe off the camera lens gently and use the dry end to wipe the excess liquid staying over the glass. Use force if hard dust or grime refuses to leave.
  • Clean of the rest of the smartphone and the case before putting it back to work. Periodic cleaning of the camera will enhance the quality of photos.

What not to do in the cleaning process?

Do not use a harsh cloth to wipe off the camera. Lenses need to be crystal clear. Even small roughing or scuffs on the surface will affect the quality of the camera. This also applies to instant rubbing of the camera lens on a jean you are wearing which removes the smudges but might leave some minute scratches not viewable to the naked eye but will have an impact on the quality of the camera.

Do not use industry grade cleaning solutions which are more powerful which might end up corroding the paint of surrounding metal or glass or leaving marks on the lens itself.


Smartphone camera lenses need to be handled with care since the lenses are most delicate and the slightest of scratch or scuff can ruin the purpose of the camera. We advise being keen and steady while dealing with lens cleaning for a better camera experience.

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How To Clean Smartphone Camera At Home?